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Dvision Network Introduction

Meet the blockchain and VR-based ecosystem of the next generation: Dvision Network!

Welcome to the Dvision Network! From now on we will be active on all social media platforms, and especially on Medium. Hence, you will be able to familiarize yourself with our project by following our activities here or on other platforms. Today’s post will be an introduction to the Dvision Network. We offer you here a thorough overview of VR technology. Then, we provide a short introduction to Dvision’s functionalities, which will be gradually covered in future posts. Let’s get started!👇

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) refers to a specific environment, situation, or even technology itself created by artificial technology that has the features of reality yet it is not reality. The created virtual environment or situation stimulates the user’s five senses, allowing them to have a real-life, spatial and temporal experience, freely moving in and out of the boundary between reality and imagination. VR is distinct from single-player simulations in that it allows interaction with other users and creates a communal user experience.

The core ideology of VR technology is to implement a perfect imaginary reality in the eyes and minds of people and to give them a sense of immersion to such an extent that they feel almost no difference between virtual reality and actual reality.

VR Market

The VR market, considered one of the leading technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution, has been evaluated as a highly potential and attractive market. According to SuperData, a U.S. market research company, global VR markets were estimated to be worth USD 4.5 billion (approximately KRW 5.04 trillion) in 2018. This amount doubled in the next year, increasing to USD 9.6 billion (approximately KRW 10.75 trillion) and finally reaching USD 14.5 billion (approximately KRW 16.5 trillion) in 2020. In addition, the VR industry is going through significant changes as both domestic and foreign IT companies are increasing their investments in VR tech due to the evolution of 5G and the arrival of the cloud era.

Experts in the VR industry state that VR devices have been developed at an increasing rate in recent years. However,the VR content market has not been able to keep pace with the rapidly-progressing VR hardware market. Behind the spectacular growth of the VR market, lies the unseen problems of a lack of content, illegal content, piracy, and copyright infringement. There is a huge hole in the VR market, which is only becoming bigger and bigger with the passage of time. It is happening primarily due to the unauthorized distribution of content, causing piracy, but it’s also due to the absence of user-friendly, unique, and immersible content that would drive enormous demand from users. This is in turn creating a vicious cycle in which companies are gradually reducing their capital inflow into the VR industry, making it harder to grow.

The Dvision Network

The Dvision Network is a new VR ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology. The Dvision Network aims to establish an efficient VR ecosystem by addressing the issues arising in the VR Industry. The Dvision Network will contribute to the development of the VR industry in the following way:

  1. High-Quality Content: Meta-City

Meta-City is a public space where you can experience various metaverse content, such as gaming, shopping, or learning. You can even visit different exhibitions here.

2. Customizing a Virtual Space: Meta-Space

Meta-Space is a feature where business owners, designers, store owners, or other regular users can create a personalized virtual space as they see fit.

3. VR Ecosystem Expansion: NFT Market

The NFT Market is a platform where various items are traded. Those items are developed directly by users or created by third-party designers as requested.

In relation to the above, the Dvision Network proposes a system in which the platform’s participants can receive rewards from the platform by faithfully performing their roles. Participants in the Dvision Network’s new VR ecosystem can contribute and earn rewards by building more efficient VR networks through content production and distribution.


2019 Q4

  1. Dvision Idea & Business Feasibility Validation
  2. Investment Attraction
  3. Team Building

2020 Q3

  1. White Paper Announcement
  2. Partnership with NINE VR

2020 Q4

  1. Launching DvisionWallet

2021 Q1–Q4

  1. NFT Market development completion (Q1)
  2. Meta-Space development completion (Q2)
  3. Meta-City development completion (Q3)
  4. Dvision Network PC version launching (Q4)

2022 Q1

  1. Dvision Network Mobile version launching (Android, iOS)

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Dvision Network aspires to provide the best user experience by utilizing the advantageous features of Blockchain and VR technologies, thereby creating an unprecedented and inclusive virtual ecosystem for businesses and designers

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