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The Dvision Network is getting listed INDODAX!

The largest digital asset exchange in Indonesia

The Dvision Network is an ultimate blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. The Dvision Network establishes a cutting-edge metaverse ecosystem, by utilizing its own VR technology, that helps to lower the entry barriers for all types of users across the globe. Therefore, it allows designers, enterprises and general users to dive into the most advanced metaverse experience.

We are thrilled to announce that the Dvision Network is getting listed on the largest digital asset exchange in Indonesia. This is an essential step for the Dvision Network to expand into the Southeast Asian region by enabling DVI trading on the leading and well-regulated exchange in Indonesia. Dvision’s utility token DVI will be listed on Indodax on 17th June at 14:00 (UTC+8), with the deposit opening on 16th June at 14:00 (UTC+8). Stay tuned for further details!

Early Penetration into the APAC Region

Dvision has persistently risen to prominence in both global and local markets. However, as a part of our expansion strategy, we have initiated our global expansion program by penetrating first into one of the most prosperous and economically thriving countries in the APAC region, Indonesia. Thus, DVI’s listing on Indodax is one of the most strategically important milestones that was in our original plan of actions for the 2021 growth year. This is our first and most important movement towards penetration into the Indonesian market. In the future, Dvision will keep expanding into the Indonesian market with the help of Indodax as well as continuing to work on its compliance development.

In fact, in early 2019, the Commodities and Futures Trading Regulatory Agency In Indonesia (BAPPEBTI) issued new regulations for the physical trading of crypto assets in the futures market. This means that the Indonesian crypto-assets market has officially been established, and all the exchanges had to be regulated, which is a significant move towards the further adoption of blockchain technology on a national level.

Dvision’s Listing on Indodax

From now on, the Dvision Network will be enabled for trading in the DVI/IDR fiat pairing and will be exposed to the large customer base of the Indonesian market. Approximately 4 million users of Indodax will have access to the Dvision Network’s utility token $DVI. Additionally, $DVI will enter the market in the top 5 Weekly Active Users according to CoinMarketCap, after Upbit and Binance.

Listing Details

Timeline of the $DVI listing on the Indodax Marketplace:

  • Deposit Open: June 16th, 2021 at 14:00 (UTC+8)
  • Trading: June 17th, 2021 at 14:00 (UTC+8)
  • Trading Pair: DVI / IDR

Read more here: DVI Listing on Indodax


INDODAX (formerly Bitcoin.co.id) is the largest, regulated, digital asset trading platform in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. They support fiat currency transactions in Indonesian Rupiah so that users can use Indonesian Rupiah to trade Bitcoin or other digital assets. In addition, INDODAX accepts payments and deposits from all local banks in Indonesia. Since 2014, it has established a world-class digital asset service business, focusing on excellent customer service, continuous innovation, and long-term customer relationships. It has been operating in Indonesia and Southeast Asian markets.

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Dvision Network aspires to provide the best user experience by utilizing the advantageous features of Blockchain and VR technologies, thereby creating an unprecedented and inclusive virtual ecosystem for businesses and designers

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