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Dvision Network is The Most Valuable Project of Bithumb’s BTC Open 3rd Round Event

The Dvision Network is a new VR content ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology. It aspires to provide the best user experience by utilizing the advantageous features of Blockchain and VR technologies, and by creating an unprecedented and inclusive virtual ecosystem for businesses and designers.

Dear community members,

We are happy to announce that the Dvision Network has finished in first place in the 3rd round of Bithumb’s “BTC Open” event. As you may remember, the winner in this competition gets an opportunity to be listed on the KRW market of Bithumb Korea. The Dvision Network received the highest evaluation based on price changes, trading volume, number of investors, distribution volume, and soundness of data during the event, which took place from the 12th to the 15th of March.

Bithumb’s Native Event “BTC Open” 3rd Round

The Dvision Network has been selected as the most valuable project in the third round of the “BTC Open” event conducted by Bithumb, a leading South Korean digital asset exchange. Bithumb Korea announced the “BTC Open” results through its own community. According to the post, the Dvision Network was selected as the best digital asset during the “BTC Open” event, which took place from March 12th to 15th.

The “BTC Open” evaluation consists of a total of five evaluation items. The evaluation items include:

▲ Trading Volume
▲ Transaction Activities
▲ Attractiveness of the Investment
▲ User Participation
▲ Digital Asset Soundness

According to Bithumb’s “BTC Open” policy, if there is no reason for disqualification through a separate screening, the assets will be added to the KRW market within three months from the announcement of the results.

About Bithumb

Bithumb is a South Korean cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2014 by Javier Sim, Bithumb Korea is the most influential digital currency exchange in the country, having 8 million registered users, 1 million mobile app users, and a current cumulative transaction volume that has exceeded USD 1 trillion.

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