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Dvision Network onboards Jenny DAO to the metaverse through the “Polygon LAND NFT Grant Program”

Jenny DAO is built on Unic.ly Protocol intends to develop, populate, and upscale LAND Assets

Dear Community,

We are thrilled to announce, that the Jenny Metaverse DAO, a permissionless, community-governed investment DAO built on top of the Unic.ly Protocol, is joining the Dvision Metaverse through “Polygon LAND NFT Grant Program” to develop, populate, and upscale NFTs within the ultimate blockchain-based Dvision Metaverse. The Jenny Metaverse DAO has incubated Tuzanye, which has become Africa’s largest and most productive gaming guild. The Jenny DAO will warehouse NFTs from Dvision and will delegate them to Tuzanye. Tuzanye’s community will benefit from universal basic income through play-to-earn opportunities. The Jenny DAO will receive a yield on its NFTs lent out to the guild. Dvision Network is pleased to allocate the premium LAND NFT to allow the Jenny DAO community to begin creating NFTs with multiple use-cases within the Meta-City, and bringing the next-level content to our ultimate metaverse.

Polygon Partners’ LAND Grant Program

As you might know, Dvision Network establishes its Meta-City in the 40/40/20 proportion, which means, that each Meta-City LANDs are separated into three main categories, where 40% of the LAND Lots are allocated for the users that have purchased the LAND NFTs via the LAND Sale, the other 40% dedicated for the Play-to-Earn rewards to the users and the remaining 20% is allocated for the Dvision and its partners to bring the cutting-edge and the most interesting content to the ultimate blockchain-based metaverse.

To onboard the strategic partners, Dvision has initiated a “Polygon LAND NFT Grant Program” together with Polygon Studios, in order to bring over its top partners to create a room for Web 3.0 developer teams to create games / NFTs / Web 3.0 products and multiple different valuable contents in Dvision’s Metaverse.

Polygon Studios was among the first receivers of Land allocation from 20% of Management-Owned Land Lots for the development of their brand-specific content on Dvision Metaverse and the first official recipient of the LAND NFT from this Grant Program became a Project Galaxy, opening the way for the Jenny DAO to join right after.

In fact, the Jenny DAO has limitless possibilities of using Dvision’s LAND to create value, rent, make profitable use cases, and build a metaverse-based community. We cordially welcome our newly-acquired partner to our metaverse and are committed the close cooperation with them to build a better metaverse experience for our and their users.

About Jenny DAO

The Jenny Metaverse DAO is a community that curates, collects and fractionalizes NFTs, in addition to its support for artists and creators through podcasts and grants. A newly created sub-DAO will manage a pool of gaming NFT assets and take part in play-to-earn opportunities in the metaverse. Thanks to its strategic tie-up with the Tuzanye Guild incubated by the Jenny DAO, it can offer premium access to quality NFTs and metaverse monetization opportunities.

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About Tuzanye Guild

Tuzanye is a gaming guild based out of Uganda that aims to offer its players universal basic income and training for highly skilled job opportunities in the metaverse. It was incubated by Jenny DAO and founded by the former Binance Uganda team. Tuzanye is the most productive gaming guild in Africa and is ranked #1 on Starsharks.

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