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Dvision Network partners with Arkane to bring its service to our users!

The Dvision Network is a new VR content ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology. It aspires to provide the best user experience by utilizing the advantageous features of Blockchain and VR technologies, and by creating an unprecedented and inclusive virtual ecosystem for businesses and designers.

Hello Dvision Community,

Today, we are officially announcing that we have decided to join forces with the global monetization platform and provider of multichain blockchain APIs and wallets, the Arkane Network. Throughout this partnership, we will introduce wallet solutions provided by the Arkane Network to the Dvision Network’s platforms. Users will be able to connect their personal wallets and enhance their user experience in our ecosystem. Additionally, the Arkane Network will later present its NFT marketplace where our users will be able to trade their items in fiat currencies. This secures a secondary marketplace for the Dvision Network.

Partnership Details

Although gaming based on blockchain technology sounds quite exciting and innovative, there are still different barriers that impede attracting average players from the traditional gaming space into this domain. The primary issue to overcome is a poor user experience which leads to a drop-off rate of more than 90%! In order to attract users from traditional gaming platforms, some of the main issues need to be addressed first. The Dvision Network acknowledges those issues and thus plans to implement the most advanced integrations with relevant projects in order to tackle those issues.

In fact, Arkane is by far one of the most suitable partners to integrate with in order to tackle the above-mentioned UI/UX problems that all Dapps are currently facing. By cooperating closely with their advanced development team, we will be able to implement a wallet solution. Provided by the Arkane Network, this wallet solves the hurdles that many end-users face. Arkane allows developers to easily integrate with several blockchains, whether they already have an app integrated with web3 or are building a new application from scratch. The Arkane Network helps with the onboarding of new users and provides them with a personal wallet. Arkane provides a smooth experience on both web and mobile platforms.

The Dvision Network will integrate Arkane’s wallet services to onboard new users into its ecosystems with personal wallets. The partnership with Arkane will open the Dvision world to a mainstream audience where users have the advantages of blockchain technology combined with a superb user experience. In the later stage, players of the Dvision Network will also be able to trade their unique NFT items on the native Arkane Marketplace, which is going to be available in the near future. There, NFT items can be bought with fiat currencies.

Jung Hyun Eom, CEO of the Dvision Network said, “We are happy to welcome our new strategic partner. We are looking forward to the opportunities to enhance our UI/UX aspects as a result of our strategic integration. As we have previously stated, we are indeed committed to accelerating the adoption of the distributed ledger across different industries. Thus, we tend to believe that by implementing meaningful technical and business integrations with our partners, we will accelerate the growth of the VR/Blockchain convergence, thereby revitalizing our unique metaverse.”

About Arkane Network

Arkane helps companies that are shaping the future by building the next generation of digital innovation. They provide their partners with an all-in-one solution to build and launch products powered by blockchain technology. Arkane is a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance along with game studios such as Ubisoft. They are partners with Atari and the Sandbox. Finally, they provide a service for content creators and game developers to create, monetize and secure digital assets and make them publicly available.

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