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The Dvision Network Presents DeFi Yield Opportunity with Elrond!

Stake eGlds and receive 450% APY in DVI tokens

The Dvision Network is a new VR content ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology. It aspires to provide the best user experience by utilizing the advantageous features of Blockchain and VR technologies, and by creating an unprecedented and inclusive virtual ecosystem for businesses and designers.

Hello Dvision Community,

We had a wonderful AMA session together with Elrond on the 2nd of November at 16:00 UTC. There we discussed plenty of actual and potential things happening within the Dvision Network. We also covered the partnership goals that are being implemented in collaboration with the Elrond Network. Today, we are happy to announce the commencement of the Launch Pool together with the Elrond Network. eGLD holders will be able to stake their assets in the Elrond Wallet, thereby having a chance to receive 450% APY in DVI Tokens.

Launch Pool Background

The Launch Pool is the native mechanism initiated by Elrond in order to demonstrate some of the key features that make the DeFi platform protocol confidential, permissionless, and agnostic (able to be built or operated on different underlying blockchain technologies). Although there are no limits for those who want to participate in the Launch Pool, there are certain tasks that need to be fulfilled during the Amplify Campaign (to learn more, read about it here: Amplify Campaign). You will have to stake 15 eGLD in your Elrond Wallet in order to receive 182 DVI tokens by the end of the campaign. This will present around 450% APY considering the fact that the prices of eGLD and DVI are fixed at $7.40 and $0.055, respectively. Make sure that you carefully read all the details and requirements illustrated below since the number of participants that will be lucky enough to become a part of this staking event is in fact limited!

Partnership Overview

The collaboration with Elrond will initially focus on making eGLD spendable inside of Dvision Network’s metaverse, enabling users to pay for items, property, and services using Elrond’s native token. Elrond will also get support from Dvision to maintain a relevant presence in the exhibitions and conferences that will be organized in our virtual world. On top of that, the long-term collaboration will explore using Elrond’s Smart Accounts to enhance the NFT ecosystem deployed in the Dvision Network’s VR-Market. Elrond accounts each have a data trie (digital tree) that enables key-value storage, making them akin to a smart contract without an execution code, hence Smart Accounts. Elrond tokens can thus be directly owned by an account, instead of simply being associated with it in a smart contract, as happens on other platforms.

Event details:

🔸 Start: November 03, 16:00 UTC (1:00 AM KST)

🔸 Stake size: 15 eGold — fixed

🔸 Duration: 7 days

🔸 Rewards: 182 DVI per participant

🔸 APY ~450% considering $7.40 $EGLD and $0.055 $DVI

🔸 Max Participants: 500

🔸 Platform: Elrond Wallet

→ Link: https://amplify.elrond.com/challenge


• 15 eGold contribution + 0.000168 eGold TX fee

• A valid Ethereum address that you own — no exchanges!

• Only one contribution per unique Elrond wallet

• Only one reward per unique Ethereum address

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