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Dvision Network to conduct the 3rd LAND Sale on Shopify and Dvision Marketplaces!

Ultimate multichain land sale on traditional & blockchain venues

The Dvision Network is an ultimate blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. The Dvision Network establishes a cutting-edge metaverse ecosystem, by utilizing its own VR technology, that helps to lower the entry barriers for all types of users across the globe. Therefore, it allows designers, enterprises and general users to dive into the most advanced metaverse experience.

Dear Community Members,

We are thrilled to announce, that Dvision Network is officially conducting the 3rd LAND Sale on both Polygon Network and BNB Chain! The most thrilling part of the 3rd LAND Sale is that 50% of the offered LAND NFTs are going to be sold via the Shopify Marketplace! The LAND NFTs pre-minted on Polygon Network will be available on Shopify for the users to purchase by using their credit cards, whereas the LAND NFTs pre-minted on BNB Chain will be available on Dvision Marketplace, which can be acquired by using the DVI tokens. The 3rd LAND Sale officially features the Berlin and San-Paulo Meta-Cities, which are 5th and 6th in the pipeline of the cities that are connected via Dvision World. The LAND Sale will be conducted on the 19th of April at 8 PM KST. Read this article to learn more about the upcoming 3rd LAND Sale!

What is LAND NFT?

Dvision World is the ultimate access to each Meta-City, which consists of various Meta-Spaces owned exclusively by the users. Users that own LAND will be able to customize their Meta-Space and provide content on it. The first LAND Sale was only supported solely via Binance Smart Chain (BEP-721) and the 2nd LAND Sale was conducted solely on the Polygon Network, whereas the third LAND Sale brings the ultimate multichain concept to the next level by utilizing both chains to conduct the 3rd LAND Sale.

If you would like to learn more about the LAND NFTs, please read this article: https://medium.com/dvisionnetwork/the-largest-dvision-land-sale-to-be-conducted-in-tripartite-collab-between-binance-nft-nftb-3321f6bb2e86

The LAND Sale Background (All 3 rounds)

The 1st LAND Sale has been conducted on the Binance Smart Chain, sealing the largest BSC-based LAND Sale occurring on three platforms simultaneously which are Binance NFT, NFTb, and Dvision Marketplace, where the “Sold Out” occurred within 5 minutes after the start of the LAND Sale. At the moment, the combined trading volume of the NFTs on all of these platforms exceeds 15 million USD and is circulating at more than 3 times its original price.

The 2nd LAND Sale has been conducted on the Polygon Network, bringing the first multi-chain concept into reality. The users were enabled to purchase the Polygon-based LAND NFTs on the largest NFT marketplace — OpenSea and on the Dvision Marketplace, with the “Sold Out” status being achieved within 25 minutes after the sale commenced.

The 3rd LAND Sale is a completely innovative approach that’s been undertaken in the Dvision’s history, as we are set to offer our most exclusive NFTs via the traditional marketplace, allowing the users to utilize their credit cards to purchase LAND without any kind of complication in the process. Not only that, but we are also utilizing the two chains to pre-mint the LAND NFTs within the context of the 3rd LAND Sale. The LAND NFTs featuring the Berlin will be fully pre-minted on BNB Chain and will be offered on the Dvision Marketplace for the DVI tokens, whereas the LAND NFTs featuring the San-Paulo will be fully pre-minted on Polygon Network and will be offered for the credit card payments within the Shopify Marketplace.

The 3rd LAND Sale Partners

The third LAND Sale preparation has involved multiple complex procedures to overcome, hence Dvision has joined the forces with several core partners in this initiative. It should be noted, that Shopify itself is performing the role of a sole traditional marketplace, it’s not officially involved in this LAND Sale initiative. Dvision has acquired the Shopify Plus merchant’s status in order to enable this sale via the Shopify NFT Beta Program.

Pacifiq IQ

The Pacific IQ launched in 2016 as an independent consultancy specializing in Shopify eCommerce, marketing, and cloud-based ERP solutions. The Pacifiq IQ team were responsible for all the Shopify related activities, including but not limited to NFT Product setup (custom meta field creation), Payment Gateway Setup and UX/ UI Design. Pacifiq IQ team are primarily responsible for delivering the venue, where the 3rd LAND Sale will be occurring utilizing Shopify’s platform.


The Curvegrid is the long-time core partner of Dvision Network. It has been providing us with the bridging solution that currently supports the multichain aspect of Dvision. Curvegrid’s NFTeapot Shopify App allows Shopify merchants and integration specialists such as Pacific IQ to rapidly add NFT functionality to their Shopify storefronts. The app reduces the complexity for the users to deal with the blockchain-based aspects of the NFT purchase processes and handles it on an automatic basis.

3rd LAND Sale Details

The Berlin and Sao Paulo will be unveiled in the 3rd LAND Sale, that feature the 5th and 6th cities in the Dvision World, apart from Seoul, New York, Tokyo, and London, which are the first Meta-Cities of the 20 cities to be released in a consecutive manner. 5,800 lots in Seoul and New York (PARCEL) were sold at the first land sale, and 4,600 lots in Tokyo and London at the second land sale. About 3,800 NFT Lots will be sold at the 3rd Land Sale.

There are two ways to participate in the 3rd Land Sale. Berlin LAND NFTs will be a BNB chain-based NFTs, that can be purchased by DVI (BEP-20) at Dvision Marketplace, and Sao Paulo LAND NFTs will be acquirable in the Shopify based marketplace on Polygon Network, utilizing the credit cards.

Hence, Berlin LAND NFTs (2,035 lots) will be sold at primarily Dvision Marketplace and Sao Paulo LAND NFTs (1,783 lots) will be sold at Shopify Marketplace.

The information regarding the LAND (price, available lots, size and location, purchase guidelines)will be announced in a separate notice later this week. Stay tuned to participate in the most anticipated 3rd LAND Sale in Dvision Network!

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