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The Dvision Network: NFT Market

The NFT Market is a place where VR items are developed and traded

Welcome to the Dvision Network! Starting from today, we will start familiarizing our beloved readers with the Dvision Platform itself! We will reveal all the material details about it, starting with the NT Market. This is one of the three main features of Dvision’s ecosystem. Essentially, the NFT Market is a place where various VR items are developed and traded. Copyright protection is guaranteed with the use of NFTs (ERC-721 tokens).

Dvision Platform

The Dvision Network consists of three main functions: 1) Meta-Space, 2) Meta-City, and 3) the NFT Market. They make up the ecosystem of the Dvision Network which is comprised of convenient UI technology and will be an essential element for establishing a VR metaverse ecosystem. Here, members (users, various businesses, and developers) will form a mutually beneficial collaboration with each other. The Dvision Network will be accessible through various devices. In order to experience the metaverse to the fullest extent, VR equipment should be used. However, as shown in the image below, it will be possible to connect to the metaverse with PCs and mobile devices so that users who do not have VR equipment can also easily participate.

NFT Market

The NFT Market is a platform where various items are traded inside of the VR metaverse. Here you can find fundamental items that are provided by the Dvision Team and items created by developers. Individual developers can produce and sell whatever unique 3D items they’d like or users can pay a commission fee and ask developers to create special items for them. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) are used in the NFT Market to protect the value and ownership of both basic and customized items inside of the Dvision Metaverse.

The NFT ITEM Market is a space where basic items (provided by the Dvision team) can be traded and P2P transactions between users can be carried out. The Dvision team will provide basic items for free or at a low price so that users can easily use them inside of the Meta-Space. However, sometimes limited edition items will be released as well. Since these items can be used by anyone, the number of items will be limited, and it will be developed in such a way that further transactions will not be possible once they are purchased.

NFT ITEM Customization
As it has been mentioned, there are items that can be customized, produced, and traded on the NFT ITEM Market that are different from the basic items provided by the Dvision team. The content creators with a certain 3D modeling set of skills will be able to generate content within their Meta-Space, where they can charge admission fees from the visitors. Developers can either identify the users’ needs, produce the necessary items in advance, and register them as sales products on the market; or produce customized items at the request of users.

ITEM Ownership
NFT (Non-Fungible Token) means that certain unique items are tokenized to protect the value of the items and the ownership rights of the developers. Each item has different attributes, making it an unchangeable (non-fungible) token. All the attributes of the item are recorded on the blockchain, and the transaction history of the item and its owner are recorded on the blockchain as well. Dvision provides convenient UI/UX for tokenizing items developed by users.

The Dvision Network

The Dvision Network is a new VR ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology. The Dvision Network aims to establish an efficient VR ecosystem by addressing the issues arising in the VR Industry. The Dvision Network will contribute to the development of the VR industry in the following way:

  1. High-Quality Content: Meta-City

Meta-City is a public space where you can experience various metaverse content, such as gaming, shopping, or learning. You can even visit different exhibitions here.

2. Customizing a Virtual Space: Meta-Space

Meta-Space is a feature where business owners, designers, store owners, or other regular users can create a personalized virtual space as they see fit.

3. VR Ecosystem Expansion: NFT Market

The NFT Market is a platform where various items are traded. Those items are developed directly by users or created by third-party designers as requested.

In relation to the above, the Dvision Network proposes a system in which the platform’s participants can receive rewards from the platform by faithfully performing their roles. Participants in the Dvision Network’s new VR ecosystem can contribute and earn rewards by building more efficient VR networks through content production and distribution.

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