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Dvision & Satoshi Club AMA Recap!

Answers to the most popular questions!

The Dvision Network is a new VR content ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology. It aspires to provide the best user experience by utilizing the advantageous features of Blockchain and VR technologies, and by creating an unprecedented and inclusive virtual ecosystem for businesses and designers.

Hello Dvision Community,

The Dvision Network has recently taken part in an AMA with one of the largest crypto communities — Satoshi Club. The session went perfectly, and the questions were very impressive. Most of the community members were enlightened about the metaverse that the Dvision Network is building. This is the full recap of the Q&A session, which includes all the necessary details of that AMA. Make sure to check it out!

Dvision & Satoshi Club AMA

Moderator: Hello again, Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with the Dvision Network! Welcome to Satoshi Club! Hi Brian, welcome to our community! Could you please briefly introduce yourself?

Brian: Hi community members of Satoshi Club! My name is Brian and I am the Head of Business Development at the Dvision Network. I’m very excited to be here with you today! Let’s have the best AMA session!

Moderator: Brian, let’s start with an introduction. 😀 Can introduce yourself and the Dvision Network project?

Brian: Sure thing. As I have already introduced myself, I will briefly introduce our project. First and foremost, the Dvision Network is essentially a blockchain-based VR content ecosystem, which also powers an NFT marketplace within our virtual reality. The Dvision Network presents a new virtual reality world where humanity can lead an affluent life at the very center of the ICT-based Fourth Industrial Revolution. To be more precise, Dvision has 3 important platform pillars, which can be briefly explained as an NFT marketplace (VR-Market), where you can also create and trade unique items; tailored virtual reality (VR-Space), where you can customize and acquire virtual space; and a collection of VR-Spaces (VR-City), where you can enjoy the metaverse with other users. Actually, it’s quite hard to squeeze everything about Dvision into these 3–4 sentences, so I will share a YouTube link that will provide you with a bit more understanding of the Dvision Network! → Demo Version

Moderator: Brian, if I told you that I was not very familiar with VR, how would you explain it to me? Keep it simple, please! 😉

Brian: Well, I guess you have to first understand that the Dvision Network is not only about VR. Most importantly, we are trying to give our users a VR content experience. We focus more on the software side of the VR domain which has tons of issues due to the lack of decent content in the space. Simply speaking, the VR content ecosystem is an enhanced user experience where you can try different things in a gamified way. I think the video I shared can explain it way more explicitly than I ever could.

Moderator: Thank you for the great intro, Brian.👍 Are you ready to get into the questions from our community?

Brian: I’m totally ready, hope the guys have prepared deep and meaningful questions for this AMA!

Q1: What equipment or hardware do users need to enjoy the Dvision Network? Do they need very sophisticated equipment? Or will they be able to play from a laptop?

Brian: That’s quite a relevant question to start off with. First of all, we do not limit our end users to particular VR equipment as our content does not require users to have one. If you have one, that’s great, but if you’re simply equipped with a laptop, desktop computer, or even a mobile phone, you can easily enjoy the content that we provide in our metaverse! However, the mobile version will be available later. We will certainly announce it when the times come! Make sure that you stay updated with the latest news at our channel → Dvision Telegram Channel

Q2: While reading through the partners' section on your website I noticed that currently the only exchange where DVI is listed is the South Korean crypto exchange CoinOne. I know that you’re carefully planning before deciding to venture onto new exchange listings. This makes your project one-of-a-kind since most projects almost immediately decide to go for the Uniswap protocol at launch. Is there any particular reason behind the choice of not even providing a starting UniSwap pool? Further, what do you believe are the long-term benefits in matching future listings with the completion of product development stages for Dvision stakeholders?

Brian: Well, before getting into the future listing plans, I just wanted to briefly mention that Coinone was our first exchange listing platform, and then we got listed on Uniswap upon the urging demand from our users. However, we also got an involuntary listing on Hoo.com recently, which wasn’t actually carried out by us. Regarding the future listings, I should say that the Dvision Network is a quite popular project and people want to see us on different top-tier exchanges. However, as you said, we indeed want to be careful with our listing plans. Be assured, though, that our next step will be a huge step forward!

Q3: In your Marketplace (VR-Market), users can also request developers create items according to their own preferences. I think this will open up another market for developers. So, if I were a developer what would I need to know or do to be able to partake in this marketplace? How can I make sure I get requests from users to create items for them? Who determines the fees I will be paid for the items? Apart from developers, will non-technical users also be able to create their own unique items?

Brian: Good question. So, first of all, it’s not rocket science to develop an item with our 3D modeling tool that will be provided within the VR-Market. Thus, any person with a certain level of creativity will be able to create unique items. This is quite exciting due to the features that the NFT standards enable. First and foremost, the structure of the designer/customer relationship, including the economic side of this relationship, is going to be released and explained thoroughly with the launch of our VR market. Therefore, I highly recommend you guys stay updated with our announcements and news on our channel so that you don’t miss the launch. By the way, we will have a huge airdrop upon launch so you definitely don’t want to miss it.

Q4: There are many companies that already ventured into the VR industry but have found it hard to turn it into a lucrative money-making machine. As you said in your whitepaper, even the giant Google gave up on the idea in 2019. The Dvision Network, on the other hand, will spice things up by combining Blockchain and VR Technologies. As an investor, how long will it take for the Dvision Network to integrate these 2 technologies and give investors a steady profit? Will it be months or years?

Brian: That’s very smart of you to gauge the whitepaper before asking this question, I respect that! The Dvision Network is here to solve the exact issues that big companies faced — that is the content absence issue. Blockchain, on the other hand, will only enhance and accelerate this process. As you know, the NFT market is going to be “DeFi,” which will drive growth and draw in a significant amount of capital. We will make sure to bring our metaverse to our users as soon as possible. Actually, it may even be earlier than has been mentioned on our roadmap, but please, do stay tuned! It’s going to be a hot topic, and it already is! Some of the projects, including UniLend, are exploring the opportunities to overcome issues and enable solid crossover potentials! I believe that the next hot thing that may turn up in the crypto space is the DeFi x NFT crossover, which will enable yield farming possibilities for users!

Q5: The virtual world is a very exciting topic and many will immerse themselves in it to hide from problems. But we live in the real world and we have to be realistic about what happens on this side of the monitor. Can you tell me about the future of your network in the real world? Perhaps you already have experience with how it can be applied?

Brian: Let me try to answer your question from a bit of a different angle. First of all, the virtual reality that we present is practically enhanced or shall I say augmented experience. This means that users can feel and be a part of it, but it’s not necessarily about hiding from reality. It will just be seen as a temporary diversion, but never a permanent option for any mentally healthy individual. However, think about the situation going on with COVID-19 and imagine that you want to visit a concert or large-scale event, can you do that? More likely it will be canceled because of the risks involved with the spread of the virus. This is the exact situation where VR can come in as a universal solution. Although I could provide you with a long and detailed answer about why VR is a good solution for this issue, I would rather just share a link with you to a video. In the video, you can see how exactly this large-scale event occurred in the borders of our own metaverse. → BoardGame Con

Q6: At first glance, your project’s main focus is obviously on East Asia. Is it really your priority or is it a false first impression? What are your priorities in developing and achieving global recognition and disseminating Dvision Network technologies globally?

Brian: Well, we do not discriminate against our user base, and we are always happy to see people from all over the world join our metaverse. Thus, we have both global and local communities with staff ready to help our users and provide them with answers to all their questions. It’s true that the Dvision Network is based in South Korea, however, it truly is a global project with a global target. We have followers from all over the world, not just the APAC region!

Moderator: Thank you for the answers, Brian! The first part of our AMA is over! The second part is ahead! We will open the chat for 120 seconds and our community will ask you some questions. After we close the chat, kindly select 10 questions from Satoshi club members!

Q1: Does Dvision have plans to adopt other coins into your payment system aside from $TOMO?

Brian: If you look into our partnership announcements, you may notice that most of those projects are included in the top 100 CMC ranking, which means most of those tokens and coins are solid and have a certain level of liquidity. For us, it’s quite important that our users have no issues participating in our token economy, so we will adopt the coins and tokens of our partner companies to make it easier for them. For example, if you have eGld or MATIC coin in your metamask, you will be able to purchase items and space in our metaverse once the integration is complete. This is the fundamental idea behind the adoption of tokens and coins.

Q2: Within your VR Market there will be an “ITEM Market.” There, basic items provided by the Dvision team are traded and P2P transactions are carried out between users. What “Basic Items” will the Dvision Team be providing on this platform? Who will have acces to them? What requirements will users need to meet in order to obtain these items? After users obtain those items, what can they be traded or used for?

Brian: Wow! Thank you for all those questions. They are very important questions about our VR-Market. I am happy to tell you that soon we will be releasing our VR-Market where you can create and trade your unique NFT items. In the initial stage, the Dvision Network will definitely provide fundamental items, but we will give you more details about them later. Actually, the exact tutorial will be released along with the launch of the VR-Market. I suggest you join our community to stay tuned for any upcoming news!

Q3: What is the strongest advantage that you think will make your team a leader in the market? Do you plan to be a local or global project? As I know, a strong community is very important for every project. What strategy will be used to expand your community?

Brian: The first thing that I’m never afraid to mention when answering this question is that we’re quite different from our competitors and we truly understand the issues found in this space. Additionally, we have advanced experience in VR technology and combining it with blockchain, which lets us enable the best features of both. We will put all our effort into becoming a leader of this exceptionally innovative and booming market! Regarding community growth, certain target-oriented strategies are already being implemented. So far we have had positive feedback from our community and we have been observing its steady growth.

Q4: Do the high fees of the ERC20 network transactions affect the transactions in your VR? Does Dvision have a solution for this?

Brian: I hope you have looked into our recent partnerships. If not, let me direct your attention to a publication which will totally answer your question. I choose this question, as it is very important to address the high gas fee issues in our domain. Basically, we have already come up with solutions to high gas fees by looking at sidechain solutions. Check out the post for more details:

Q5: A simple question: Will I need to pay something or buy $DVI tokens in order to play?

Brian: This is a simple, yet very crucial question. The short answer is , “No,” you don’t have to pay anything in order to play. In fact, DVI is a utility token that will only enhance your time spent within our metaverse. We do not require our users to be economically active. However, in order to “monetize” your assets, you first need to invest in those assets, right? In the same vein, you will incur some fees while creating an NFT item. Or, if you’d like to offer advertising services to the public, you will have to stake your DVI tokens, etc. In short, it all depends on you. You may freely browse through our metaverse, but you will definitely find it more fun to buy some DVIs and enhance your experience.

Q6: Will it be possible to lease the acquired land or content that users creates themselves? Do you plan to use the creative thinking and technical skills of users in the development of the platform?

Brian: This is the concept that is currently being reviewed internally. It is quite important for us to choose the right concept to eventually give the user the best experience. First and foremost, we are deciding between space acquisition and space lease concepts. Both of them have their own pros and cons, so we will surely update you on this information soon. There will be a lot of updates coming in Q4 2020! Briefly speaking, if you are creative and have an imagination, you will be able to build a very great space for yourself through our customization function.

Q7: I find the Dvision Network’s vision, solution, and mission to be amazing. But that is in theory, and the fact is a different story. For the Dvision Network to be realized it needs a strong, experienced team, isn’t that true?

Brian: That’s perfectly true! But let me tell you, behind the Dvision Network there’s a big team of experts who have a lot of experience in the VR industry. Even now you can observe the demo version of our product, which is the result of long hours of hard work! → VR Space Demo

Q8: Why did you choose blockchain for your project?

Brian: Blockchain is a gift for gamers and for everyone who loves decentralization. Simply speaking, by joining blockchain we tackle the issues of copyright ownership, integration, and burdensome exchange rate differences. However, first and foremost, it’s all about the user who will eventually own — like really own — his creation.

Q9: Can you share some real-life use cases where VR technology is being applied through your network? What industries hope to make use of some of the Division Network’s VR items? Thank you.

Brian: As I have previously answered, we will first try to partner with all the industries that were affected by COVID-19. Those include the MICE industry, which stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events. We will even try to adopt a large shopping mall inside of the metaverse where users will be able to have a gamified shopping experience. We will also present them with opportunities to visit concerts, museums, parks, etc. It’s truly unlimited power here, you just have to try it.

Q10: What is the tokenomics of Dvision? What amount will be reserved for liquidity? Is it going to be locked?

Brian: This is the final and most important question that will increase the reliability and trust in the project. Dear community members, be assured that Dvision is already in talks with top-tier custodians in order to lock a certain amount of liquidity into their custody. This will evaporate all the fears of our current and potential investors. I hope that I’ve done a sufficient job answering all of your questions. Look out for more great news coming from us in the upcoming days!

Moderator: Thank you, Brian, for your answers and I hope you enjoyed these questions from our community 🙂

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