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Dvision World 2.0 Beta — Going LIVE! Join now!💫

Dvision World 2.0 Beta is now officially LIVE. Let’s try it out altogether, diving into the world of the ultimate blockchain-based metaverse! We are forever grateful to our community for their loyalty and patience and consistent support throughout our progress. As you might know, in this release, Seoul Meta-City is opening up along with the P2E that is relevant to the LAND Purification Combat Mode, where you can deploy your PETs (OnDoll) and enjoy Dvision World in a new and unprecedented manner. We are honored to welcome our users to the new world of <Dvision World Beta 2.0>, with about 17 newly introduced systems and rich content. Make sure to go through this article to learn more about the content and prepared events!

👉 Download it and join now: https://dvision-cdn.s3.ap-northeast-2.amazonaws.com/download/window/setup_dvision.exe

Dvision Network Team’s Message to beloved users

First and foremost, “Dvision World Beta 2.0” is a version that verifies the content and functions prepared over the past year and provides experience opportunities. After the official release of the PC version, the Android version will be updated separately later.

Second of all, while the players freely experience it, they verify various contents and functions, we plan to accelerate preparations for the official launch by creating a better virtuous cycle structure in the ecosystem.

Moreover, in order to provide more complete and stable services, it is inevitable that the balance figures change from time to time. Please understand in advance that the inspection for server stabilization and client optimization can be carried out in the process.

And also, combat content (P2E) for unoccupied areas is not available according to national policy in some countries (sorry, can’t avoid the regulations).

Lastly, “Dvision Network Team” will continue to keep our promise with all players. Once again, we promise to do our best to present a better <Dvision World>.

Dvision World 2.0 Beta in figures

Dvision World 2.0 Beta Version includes diverse and abundant amount of enhanced UI and UX that is reflected in the figures presented below

Dvision World 2.0 Beta — A Brief Glance

You can enjoy the landmark of SEOUL Meta-City and various NPCs and mission plays for the first time. Check out the map at a glance from banks, exchanges, repair shops, training centers to department stores!

Dvision World 2.0 Beta : High-level Overview

  1. Did you know that <D World> was actually a <D Ship> that was floating in the air this whole time? Make sure to enter the Dvision World to enjoy, visit <Gallery>, <Exhibition>, <Concert Hall>, and <White House> and other places within the metaverse.
  2. The First LAND Sale that we conducted together with Binance NFT and NFTb that has ended in a matter of couple of seconds has featured Seoul Meta-City, which is finally being released in this update!
  3. You get to experience an RPG-based pet and battle system that provides solid fun and rewards! Did you know that there’s a way to become the owner of the land without actually purchasing it?! Collect, combine, and strengthen more than 40 cute pets, “Ondoll” in the P2E. If you make your contribution enough, you can become a LAND owner in the contaminated area of the Meta-City.
  4. If you clear the mission with the ‘hip’ NPC Corps of charms without an exit, you can even get a reward! If you do various missions with 21 “hip” NPCs that are unique, you can get random reward at the end!
  5. You can now easily transfer the in-game items via D-Bank through the off-onchain activity. Make sure to utilize this opportunity!

Make sure to join us and do not forget to familiarize with the user manual and basic guideline!

Here’s the link to join: CLICK HERE!



Dvision Network aspires to provide the best user experience by utilizing the advantageous features of Blockchain and VR technologies, thereby creating an unprecedented and inclusive virtual ecosystem for businesses and designers

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