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The Dvision Network 2020 Year in Review: Ultimate Virtual Reality!

A Foreword by CEO — Jung Hyun Eom

Dear followers and supporters of the Dvision Network, first and foremost, let me express my and the Dvision team’s sincere gratitude and appreciation for the support that you have been showing us since our inception. 2020 was indeed a very disastrous and complicated year, yet the Dvision team has made substantial progress in terms of the development of our project. Let us take a thorough look at the changes that have occurred in the Dvision Network and the progress that has been made so far! It’s been a crazy year for the whole planet, and the Dvision Network was no exception.

Dvision Network 2020 Overview Report

Things that were Carried Out in 2020

I. Project Development & Progress

This is the prototype of the VR-Market (raw and unfinished status)

II. Partnerships

Dvision Network Partner Ecosystem

III. Exchange Listings

IV. AMAs & Engagement Events

V. Press Releases & Highlights

VI. Upcoming News



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