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The Dvision Network 2020 Year in Review: Ultimate Virtual Reality!

The Dvision Network is a new VR content ecosystem that utilizes blockchain technology. It aspires to provide the best user experience by utilizing the advantageous features of Blockchain and VR technologies, and by creating an unprecedented and inclusive virtual ecosystem for businesses and designers and general users.

Hello, dear community members,

The Dvision Network thanks you for your collaboration and support on our journey through the year 2020. In fact, we have prepared a thorough review of our yearly progress and a reflection on the things we have built so far. The virtual reality that we are constructing here will be the ultimate revolution in the upcoming year. Do stay with us and be a part of our revolutionary virtual society! The content and plans disclosed here are subject to change and can be reviewed depending on the circumstances.

A Foreword by CEO — Jung Hyun Eom

Dear followers and supporters of the Dvision Network, first and foremost, let me express my and the Dvision team’s sincere gratitude and appreciation for the support that you have been showing us since our inception. 2020 was indeed a very disastrous and complicated year, yet the Dvision team has made substantial progress in terms of the development of our project. Let us take a thorough look at the changes that have occurred in the Dvision Network and the progress that has been made so far! It’s been a crazy year for the whole planet, and the Dvision Network was no exception.

Dvision Network 2020 Overview Report

2020 has been quite a disruptive year with tons of challenges that have impacted many people around the world. People have suffered from the impact of COVID-19 economically, sociologically, and socially; some even suffered mentally and physically. Although we are not happy about the challenges that have been bestowed upon us this year, the Dvision Network team always thinks that there’s an opportunity to grow from every single disaster or challenge that life throws our way. In this regard, we were quite busy this year accelerating the speed of our product development. This annual report contains all the changes, announcements, and updates that occurred in 2020. However, this document may not cover all the publicly available information, thus use the information provided here simply as reference material, not as financial advice.

Things that were Carried Out in 2020

In fact, the Dvision Network was established in 2019, before COVID-19 became a well-known issue globally. Although COVID-19 has brought huge losses to many traditional industries, it brought great opportunities for digital and futuristic projects. Dvision was able to further accelerate its growth in the face of this disastrous pandemic, which has given a boost to the digitalization revolution around the globe.

In the same vein, the Dvision Network has shown very active and rigorous development despite the challenges and consistent lockdowns that severely impeded progress during the previous year. In short, in 2020, the Dvision Network established a thorough roadmap for further development, emphasizing the launches of its strategic platform pillars in Q1 and Q2 of 2021.

Besides that, Dvision has obtained meaningful and strategically important partners, such as Elrond, Chainlink, Matic, IOST, and others (details provided in the partnership section below). In 2020, Dvision received a lot of coverage in both global and domestic media outlets, especially top-tier and mainstream publications. Apart from that, we continued to be active in the crypto and blockchain gaming communities to deliver Dvision’s message to our target group. Let’s have a closer look at each aspect that influenced the growth and development of the Dvision Network in the previous year.

I. Project Development & Progress

White Paper 1.1 (Update: Roadmap & Architecture Layer)

While developing the Dvision Network’s metaverse and its NFT Marketplace, we have conducted extensive R&D and desktop research to find the best way to carry out the final stage of the development. We’ve looked at it from both business and technological perspectives. To guarantee the most advanced and complete development of our metaverse and NFT Marketplace, we have made several corrections to our white paper and updated it. We released version 1.1 due to the presence of some ineffective aspects found in the previous version of our white paper.

In 2020, several updates and additional changes were made to the white paper of our project, which influenced the structure of the project and its future development roadmap. First and foremost, we added a comprehensive explanation of the architecture layer. This explains the structural flow of the client presentation layer, which is the module responsible for the actual visual functions illustrated to the users, and the network transaction layer, which is a module represented by three different servers (DB server, RTP server, and Client Server) that communicate with each other constantly. There are also an Asset Layer and Blockchain Layer, which are thoroughly explained in our White Paper version 1.1.

Apart from minor changes to other parts, we made a detailed update of our roadmap that shows what we aim to accomplish in the next 2 years. You may want to familiarize yourself with the upcoming updates that will be released this year. Most of the exciting things will occur in 2021 Q1 or 2021 Q2.

VR-Market (NFT Marketplace)

The long-awaited pillar that will initiate the trading boom inside of the metaverse, and will become an integral part of the VR world is being constructed here in Dvision. The VR-Market is essentially our NFT marketplace inside of our metaverse, and it is currently under the closed-beta testing phase. The picture below illustrates the prototype of our NFT Marketplace. You can already see the items and prices that will soon be available to a larger group of people.

Although the picture attached below looks complete, it’s in fact still in development, but it will soon come to its logical end. For us to launch the VR Market, the Wallet Function and the Payment System should be linked together, which have yet to be determined. In fact, we decided to go with both MetaMask and Arkane Wallet Solutions in the beginning phase, but we will keep introducing more wallets to diversify the available wallet options for the convenience of our users. Once the NFT marketplace is launched, it will be automatically linked to secondary marketplaces, including OpenSea and the Arkane Network. This will provide our users with a larger portion of liquidity for their unique creations.

This is the prototype of the VR-Market (raw and unfinished status)

VR-Space (Customizable Virtual Space)

The VR-Space is essentially a fully customizable virtual space that belongs to its owner, registered as an NFT. The closed beta testing is already coming to its logical end and soon the open-beta test phase will be released for the broader target group. Therefore, our users will be able to participate in the upcoming OBT. Up to the current moment, the VR-Space features, such as customization, chatting, NPC creation, Automatic Migration or Teleportation, and other essential functions and systems have all been enabled.

However, since the NFT marketplace (VR-Market) APIs will be integrated inside of the virtual world, not in an external source, the payment system for DVI tokens will be enabled by the launch of this pillar. In fact, the VR-Space is the most important pillar that has required the most amount of attention during the development phase. It’s taking longer than expected to complete due to the increased workload and having to fix a variety of bugs and errors. However, we’re sure now you can understand the core notion behind this virtual space idea. Check out the attached video to learn more about the upcoming VR-Space tool.

VR- City

The VR-City is a very conceptual thing, which will be the expansion of the VR-Spaces. Conceptually, the VR-City is a public virtual space where different VR spaces are collected into a single environment. You may simply think of the VR-City as any other city. It is filled with different buildings, parks, land, etc (VR-Spaces). The VR-City is going to be launched along with the VR-Space, as it’s the open public world, which will be further developed by the expansion of different virtual reality spaces.

II. Partnerships

Dvision Network Partner Ecosystem

In 2020, in total, our ecosystem obtained a wide range of strategic partners and we also acquired around 10 blockchain-related partners. This all supports the growth of Dvision both from a business and technological perspective. Each partnership has originated from a solely technologically viable perspective. At Dvision, we think it’s paramount to integrate with many partners.

For instance, we have announced the commencement of a partnership with one of the leading projects in the space, Elrond. Our Elrond partnership has been consistently developing in multi-directions. In 2020, we managed to carry out a launch pool where around 450% APR was offered to users, enabled by a bilateral staking event. Further, we also established a strategic partnership with Origin. Thanks to Origin’s decentralized e-commerce platform, we managed to start our decentralized e-commerce store. To this day, we are still running it, and if you visit, you can see different branded items for sale.

One of the most recent projects that joined our partner ecosystem was Chainlink. We are going to collaborate with them by leveraging their VRF and price feed solutions. Chainlink is especially important to the Dvision Network because price feeds are needed to calculate the exact gas fees incurred when creating NFTs. Additionally, VRF solutions power the distribution of chance-based rewards to users who accomplish certain tasks.

Another strategic partner, IOST, pursues ultra-fast-speed transactions with a decentralized blockchain network based on the next-generation consensus algorithm “Proof of Believability” (PoB). They will be provided with an opportunity to integrate their coins with Dvision’s payment system to offer a more convenient UI/UX. Also, we found it to be extremely meaningful to integrate with the world’s revolutionary DeFi project, Unilend. Under the business agreement signed with UniLend, the Dvision Network decided to introduce UniLend’s native token UFT to its payment system. It will also provide a virtual space to establish a “UniLend Center.” It will further cooperate on many other technological aspects, such as DeFi-NFT crossover R&D.

Along with other strategic partnerships established in 2020, the Dvision Network also became an official member of BGA and became a part of the bigger gaming community. They believe in a decentralized future and true ownership of items. This has been a very brief and generic overview of the partnership ecosystem in the Dvision Network. In fact, you may find more details about each partnership in the links attached to the titles below:

We are firmly committed to further expanding our partner ecosystem. More technical integrations will later be elaborated in separate announcements. We will keep on introducing more strategically important blockchain and traditional companies that have joined our ecosystem as it is an essential part of our mission statement.

III. Exchange Listings

Honestly, the Dvision Network hasn’t put much effort into getting listed. We have been focusing more on developing Dvision World and expanding our partner ecosystem. However, we did manage to enable trading on the Coinone Exchange in October of 2020. After that, we were listed on Uniswap. Next, we were involuntarily listed on Hoo.com. Currently, we are paying a bit more attention to getting listed, as we want to allow our users around the world to trade DVI without any limitations or liquidity issues.

IV. AMAs & Engagement Events

We should acknowledge that during 2020 it was in fact really hard to participate in official and face-to-face events. However, we managed to stay close with our community and tried multifaceted methods to communicate with other crypto communities. We held multiple, meaningful AMAs with both the domestic and global crypto communities, such as Shrimp, Satoshi, CryptoDiffer, and others. There we shared full-fledged insights with the community members that were highly interested in the Dvision Network. We also conducted a live AMA with our partner Elrond to ignite interested in the Dvision Network's background and thoroughly explain the integration features between Dvision and Elrond.

Apart from the AMA sessions, which were particularly important to educate interested crypto community members, we participated in several blockchain-related events. For instance, we participated in the CGC event, where Boburjon Muydinov (Head of Business Development) delivered a speech about the background and prospects of the Dvision Network to the blockchain audience. He presented along with the representatives of Binance, The Sandbox, Enjin, MakerDao, Rarible, Axie Infinity, and many other world-class blockchain companies.

Although the situation around COVID-19 still contains a significant amount of uncertainty, we are fully committed to remaining active and engaging with our community despite the obstacles. Furthermore, once the metaverse is launched, we will be conducting our own virtual conferences where we will be able to carry out different types of blockchain and crypto-related, large-scale events.

V. Press Releases & Highlights

As has been mentioned earlier, it was indeed a fruitful year for the Dvision Network. Our news and announcements were highly covered in top-tier and mainstream media outlets around the globe. We kept constantly appearing on huge community channels, such as ICODrops, CryptoDiffer, Top7Ico, ICO Analytics, and many other world-renowned and reliable channels.

Apart from that, we have constantly been published on major media sources both globally and domestically. As a matter of fact, our recent integration with Chainlink has gone viral and was covered by Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, Business Insider, Finanzen, and many other top-tier media platforms. Therefore, during every material announcement and update, we have been highly visible and transparent with the media, disclosing every single detail of the upcoming changes to our metaverse.

VI. Upcoming News

There are a lot of upcoming changes and updates that will be publicly available very soon. Even though most of the information is under non-disclosure agreements right now, there are several disclosable pieces of information that we are happy to share with you in this overview.

1. OBT in the VR-Space & VR Market

Both the Virtual Reality Space and Market are currently being developed internally. Closed beta testing is currently being conducted, but is expected to be completed early this year. We are planning to announce the start of the OBT right after the completion of the closed beta phase. The exact time and date will be available soon, thus we kindly ask our followers to constantly check our social media pages to stay tuned for the upcoming updates.

2. Multiple Upcoming Announcements & Updates

There are a lot of things that are being cultivated in the Dvision Network right now, but most of them are under non-disclosure agreements. Some updates include additional listings on global exchanges to allow our users to trade DVI with ease, new partnership integrations, and institutional adoptions. All of them will be shared publicly once finalized. Thus, we kindly ask every follower and supporter to stay tuned so you never miss an update!

We value each reader and follower! If you want to stay updated
with the activities of Dvision Network, make sure to follow the channels below!

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Dvision Network aspires to provide the best user experience by utilizing the advantageous features of Blockchain and VR technologies, thereby creating an unprecedented and inclusive virtual ecosystem for businesses and designers

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