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The Dvision Network 2021 Year in Review: Your Ultimate Metaverse!

Metaverse & NFTs & Cross-chain & Play To Earn and DAO!

Dvision 2021 Summary

2021 Q1

Dvision Network has initiated the year by getting onboarded with the Coinbase Custody, providing the cold storage support for DVI token on the largest custodian platform in the world, and has established a partnership with the leading decentralized oracle solution provided — Chainlink.


2021 Q2

The 2nd quarter has been one of the most important periods for Dvision Network, as we have completed the migration to the Binance Smart Chain and deployed the MultiBaas bridge, which has initiated our path and story on the BSC ecosystem. Before that, we have signed a partnership with Bluzelle to integrate their price feeds into our ecosystem and utilize their decentralized DB solutions.

2021 Q3

The most important thing that occurred at the beginning of the Q3 of 2021 was our integration with the Enjin, as we have committed to utilizing their APIs to bring over our metaverse over Efinity, JumpNet, and Polkadot, which is currently in progress.


2021 Q4

Perhaps, the 2021 Q4 was the most anticipated phase for our metaverse, as we have prepared for two of the most important milestones on our roadmap, which were the Dvision World Launch and the 1st LAND Sale, both of which became a huge success.




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