The Largest Dvision “LAND Sale” to be conducted in tripartite collab between Binance NFT & NFTb & Dvision Marketplace 🔥

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7 min readNov 18, 2021

The Dvision Network is an ultimate blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. The Dvision Network establishes a cutting-edge metaverse ecosystem, by utilizing its own VR technology, that helps to lower the entry barriers for all types of users across the globe. Therefore, it allows designers, enterprises and general users to dive into the most advanced metaverse experience.

Dear Dvision Community members,

We are thrilled to announce, that the Dvision “LAND Sale” date has been officially confirmed! Dvision LAND Sale is going to occur on 24th November at 8:00 PM KST (11 AM UTC). We are going to hold the Largest Dvision “LAND Sale” in tripartite collaboration between Binance NFT & NFTb & Dvision Marketplace. Dvision will be offering around 1450 Mystery Boxes via Binance NFT exclusively for the users, around 1495 LAND Boxes to be offered via INO on NFTb, and around 1485 LAND Lots without any randomization will be offered in Dvision’s own Marketplace. A more detailed announcement will be released after the countdown on our website approaches its logical end on 24th November!

Meta-Cities in Dvision World

As you might already know, the current Dvision World has never been planned to become an ending point for our metaverse, but rather a little main piece that was purported to bring together all different Meta-Cities through the Central Warp Tower, which is used to teleport to any Meta-City. Hence, Dvision World is just the only beginning that has set the commencement for the opening of 20 Meta-Cities, which will be owned by the users through the LAND (Meta-Space) ownership system. The LAND Ownership will be transferred through the gradual LAND Sales, with the first 2 Meta-Cities (Seoul & New York) being offered through the Binance NFT and NFTb and Dvision Marketplace in tripartite partnership.

What is LAND? (Meta-Space)

As we have established, Dvision World leads to the Meta-City, which consists of various Meta-Spaces, which are owned exclusively by the users. Hence, the Meta-Space (aka LAND) — is a crucial unit of each Meta-City, and it serves as a place where users can acquire and customize their personal LAND in order to establish and offer their own content within their virtual estate. The LAND is the digital piece of a virtual estate in Dvision Metaverse registered as NFT (ERC-721 / BEP-721), but in the first LAND Sale it will be offered only via Binance Smart Chain as BEP-721 NFT. If you are wondering, what sort of content you can create with your LAND, take a look at the product use cases:

As you might have already guessed, LAND is an extremely scarce digital piece of property that will be distributed evenly among 20 different Meta-Cities, with the total supply fixed at 200,000 parcels in its life time existence. The release of the Meta-Cities will be extended up to 10 rounds (in 2 year span), with 2 cities being opened in each round. Therefore, the first 2 cities that Dvision World will connect are going to be Seoul and New York.

LAND Allocation and Distribution

In order to bring a sustainable spark of interest into our metaverse, Dvision Network has decided to integrate the most precious NFTs into its newly released Play 2 Earn concept in order to reward the users for their contributions within the Metaverse. Hence, LANDs in each Meta-City will be separated in the 40/40/20 manner. If you haven’t heard about our Play 2 Earn concept yet, check it out here:

LAND: Play to Earn (40%)

Each Meta-City is segregated into three big territories (User-Owned / Management-Owned / Infected Area). The infected area is allocated with 40% of the total available LANDs in order to empower the Play 2 Earn concept in Dvision Metaverse. The infected areas are filled with the monsters (virus-infected biobots), that can be tackled by the users by engaging in the battle mode with their avatars and pets in order kill those monsters and gain EXP, that further is used to calculate the attributable amount of LANDs that were cleaned from the monsters. The purified LAND gets automatically placed in the auction in the Dvision and the user receives the DVI amount that equals to his contribution to the process. For example, if the user kills around 10 monsters and it equals to 1% of the overall contribution, with the LAND being sold for 1000 DVIs, the user will receive 10 DVIs from this auction. Hence, 40% of the LAND Lots can be received directly by the users by participating in the Play 2 Earn mode.

LAND Sale (40%)

The Land Sale will be conducted in order to allocate 40% of the available space within Meta-City in order to offer the users a ready-to-create platform. This portion of the virtual estate can be used in order to create limitless amount of diverse pieces of content. You have an idea to build a Squid Game inside of the Dvision Metaverse? That’s great, since you can participate in the Land Sale and secure your spot to generate revenue by offering your exclusive content to the large user base of the Dvision Network. In the first round, you can acquire the LAND via Mystery Boxes on Binance NFT, as well as on the NFTb through the INO or eventually on Dvision’s Marketplace at the same time!

Management-owned : 20%

The remaining 20% of the overall terrain from each Meta-City will be allocated to the Dvision Team, that will be utilized for the allocation of the LAND to the strategic partners for their brand-specific content estate, to introduce diverse initial pieces of content and reserve some space for the future use cases.

The First LAND Sale with Binance NFT and NFTb

Although the first LAND Sale is planned to be the largest one, it is going to conduct simultaneously by Binance NFT, NFTb, and Dvision. Users will be able to purchase Mystery Boxes from the Binance NFT, which will contain up to 7 different LAND Lots (from 1x1 to 3x3 Premium), with a probability to receive randomly only one NFT from there. In the same manner, users can visit NFTb Launchpad to check the Dvision LAND Boxes that are offered via INO that are classified by the tiers (the 1st tier has an access to the regular LAND Box, with the 4th tier having the access to the legendary LAND Box). In Dvision’s Marketplace, everything will be pretty straightforward, as we will only offer individual LAND Lots with its specified location on the map without any randomization features, and the LAND can be purchased by DVI token in our marketplace.

  1. Dvision Marketplace: Specified Price = Specified LAND Lot
  2. Binance NFT : Randon Mystery Box = 7 Different LAND Lots (Random Drop)
  3. NFTb: Participate in INO = access to the specific LAND Box

More details will be shared after the countdown on our website finishes and the LAND Sale commences on 24th November! Please stay tuned to get acquainted with the LAND Sale Details.

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