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The Official Launch of the Dvision Metaverse on the 1st November 2021!

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The Dvision Network is an ultimate blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. The Dvision Network establishes a cutting-edge metaverse ecosystem, by utilizing its own VR technology, that helps to lower the entry barriers for all types of users across the globe. Therefore, it allows designers, enterprises and general users to dive into the most advanced metaverse experience.

Dear community members,

We hope that you have previously had the opportunity to participate in our metaverse-based events, such as BSC 1st Anniversary and genuinely enjoyed having fun during the Open Beta Test of the Dvision World. Well, you will no longer have to wait for another opportunity to enjoy the Dvision metaverse, as Dvision World is officially going to LAUNCH on 1st November 2021!

From the 1st of November, the users will be able to create their avatars and access the Dvision World and participate in many events, and further witness the opening of the Meta-Cities. The countdown on our official website has started, make sure to hit the pre-register button to secure your spot!

The Most Awaited Launch of the Dvision World


➡️When: 1st November 2021 (check countdown: )
➡️Where: Dvision.app (https://dvision.app/en/home)
➡️What to do before launch:

✅Pre-register an account at https://dvision.app/en/home
✅Stay tuned for the airdrop announcement
✅ Share this news & like and comment on the trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYPegt1Vi9s

Dvision World is going to be fully opened to the public on 1st November 2021. This milestone achievement for Dvision Network equals the mainnet launch made by the blockchain project, as it initiates the start of the ecosystem enlargement phase and the completion of the closed metaverse development phase. However, Dvision World is going to initiate the early access to our metaverse, and it is rather a huge leap towards larger ecosystem expansion, as it will keep getting bigger and will open up more terrains through the introduction of the Meta-Cities.

Dvision World is the main lobby in the metaverse, which connects all the meta-cities that will be presented in our virtual world, whereas Meta-City is the public open terrain, where various Meta-Spaces (LANDs) are gathered. The Dvision World will eventually connect 20 different cities through the Central Warp Tower, where each Meta-City will be introduced one by one in a gradual manner.

The access details to the Dvision World will be provided after its official launch on 1st November! Before the official launch, we kindly ask our community members to educate themselves with newly released concepts and reforms that occurred in Dvision Metaverse.

What has changed in Dvision?


  1. Play To Earn: Combat Mode & LAND Purification Process
  2. New NFT Use-Cases: PET & In-game ITEMs
  3. Updated Tokenomics: Governance, Utility, Staking.
  4. DVG: newly added in-game reward currency (non-token)
  5. DAO: upgraded governance system

We have recently conducted the reforms in the Dvision Network’s concept and in its tokenomics. In the newly reformed Dvision Metaverse, users will be able to engage in the Play 2 Earn arena within the Meta-City, acquire PET, and engage in the battle mode in order to earn in-game loyalty DVG points and get access to the LAND Purification Processes and a lot more than that.

All the newly introduced concepts were inserted in the published Gitbook Page of the Dvision. Users can now learn more about the added Play 2 Earn model, reformed tokenomics, newly added in-game loyalty DVG points, and most importantly learn more about the upcoming DAO opening.

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