not forgotten

A couple weeks ago Deepika and I went to a friend’s church in Toronto, then met up with Auntie, Uncle and Cousin on Bloor for lunch.

As we walked into Eggsmart, I recognized my neighbour from three houses down. It was a nice coincidence because we were both far outside our own neighbourhood. He motioned for Deepika and me to come over and introduced to his friend — I’ll call him Jack. He explained briefly that Jack was going through a hard time and asked if I’d pray for him. Right there. Now, my neighbour believes in God and because Karen is a pastor he labels us both as ‘priests’. So, at Eggsmart on Bloor West, I did my priestly duty and prayed for Jack.

A couple days later at home I saw my neighbour and he gave me a few more details. Apparently Jack needed this prayer and was very encouraged.

It makes me think that this was more than coincidence. There were too many variables. Faith suggests God is looking out for Jack. In the midst of Jack’s trouble, the maker of the universe sought him out and let him know that he is not forgotten.

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