Take me to church


Here’s a picture of our church set clean up from this morning. Deepika and I had church in her bedroom because Mommy is out at another church promoting her school.

Our set list (as sing-a-long) was as follows:

  • Glorious (BJ Putnam)
  • Come Alive (Lauren Daigle)
  • Praise the Lord (Brad Guillemond)

Then we read a Bible story from her kid’s Bible, and finished with two tunes by Rend Collective — Joy & Lighthouse. She & I were the only humans, but there were an assortment of dolls and stuffed animals, and we sang at the top of our lungs.

This is church for us sometimes. This article gave me permission to be okay with it — particularly this sentence — The term “special needs” can take on a whole new meaning with an emotionally wounded child. Emotional wounds occur for many different reasons in children. In the adopted child, it could result from the reason the need for adoption occurred. The trauma of the adoption itself can also contribute, where the child leaves everything she knows, albeit a ‘not great’ situation, to become part of her family.

Karen and I need to remind ourselves often that this is our family reality. And as a result, things are different for us than they used to be. We don’t fit well. Children’s church isn’t an interest, nor is sitting through a sermon. And it’s not something that we’re willing to force. When someone lacks the emotional muscles to handle new situations, the same situation could trigger more trauma, thus more emotional wounds, and the cycle continues.

Social situations with other kids are not an issue. But add a new adult into the mix or a new location, and it can quickly all go off the rails.

We celebrate every success. We post them on Facebook because we’re beyond excited about them. The in-between times are less exciting. We’re still trying to figure out how the three of us can fit in, especially at church. Thankfully we have some close friends with whom Deepika has connected. When we’re together, I think it might be within what Jesus had in mind about ‘church’. It’s not what Karen and I are used to, but it’s our new reality, so we embrace it. We wouldn’t go back to how it was, even if we could.

So for now, church is an amalgam of frequent visits with others, the occasional worship service at a real church building, school, lunches, and sing-a-long gatherings with dolls and “Frozen” themed equipment.

Take me to church.

— — — -

Yes, I’m aware that I’m ripping of a pop song title ……..

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