That time Mom visited & broke her collar bone

Short story – Mom and Dad arrived last week on Wednesday. Then, on Thursday, Mom fell and broke her collar bone.

Longer version – Deepika’s birthday was yesterday. Mom and Dad have never been here during the summer and since Deepika turned ten, they planned to celebrate in person with her. It wasn’t long after they arrived that Deepika was showing Mom Bollywood dancing videos.

Context — Our back deck has two levels, with steps to the ground from the lower level. On Thursday after supper we were all outside to be part of Deepika’s swimming — some of us in the pool. Mom was the last person out. I heard her come through the door, there was some commotion, and I turned to see her laying on the patio bricks. Now we know she missed the step from one level to the next and then fell down the stairs.

We’ve also learned that Mom on Percocet is entertaining for the rest of us. But I’ve jumped ahead.

We called the ambulance and took Mom to the hospital. Seven hours later we were picking up her prescription at a 24-hour Shoppers and had learned her left collar bone was broken and she had sustained a concussion.

Her first couple days were in bed. She’s since been back to the hospital for a check up and tomorrow she goes for a CT scan. She’s also up during the day now and taking less Percocet.

In the midst of this I received an update from Darius about South Sudan. One of his ministry’s properties had been looted by thieves and the guard was killed. I’m not sharing this here as a means to comfort myself that someone else has it worse. Rather, I continue to be struck and saddened by the disparity in the world. Mom fell, went to the hospital, and will recover (we were scared — don’t get me wrong). But Darius and his family, friends, and colleagues are fighting for their lives.

So if you’re someone who is willing to pray for Mom, please do. Her name is Bride (yes, Bride). But would you also pray for a man named Darius from South Sudan? He needs the prayer. South Sudan needs the prayer.

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