AMA highlights (12/20)

Dec 21, 2018 · 2 min read

It is glad to have opportunities to discuss DxChain project with you and solve various problems for you.

We will have the AMA session as always next year. Let’s make DxChain much better in the future!

Here’s the last AMA highlight in 2018, enjoy reading!

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1. Highlights on testnet’s performance?

I would like to share several major accomplishments that DxChain engineering team has achieved during the testnet development:
a. Optimized storage and network algorithm design, the test network can support 1024 nodes with 1T files on each node at 60 seconds for each block;
b. Released 2 major testnet versions, as well as the block explorer for testnet;
c. Implemented DxBox (a personal file storage web app) with DxChain API;
d. Designed and implemented API and SDK for partners and developers;
e. Created simulator and debug tools to optimize the algorithm for performance.

2. Other key work about your work since ICO?

Besides the technical progress, we also have made some achievements in the community and ecosystem development after ICO. For example:
DxChain has reached strategic partnerships with Quarkchain, NKN, Celer Network, EtainPower, and DoctorChain.
And our marketing and community team has attended roadshows, meetups, and technical activities globally.

3. Dates of testnet and mainnet release?

The DxChain testnet is projected to be launched on 1/8/2019, while the mainnet beta is scheduled to be released on 3/31/2019.

4. Is the source code available online?

Not yet. The code is available only for qualified code review institute at present.
We will let our community know when the open source plan is confirmed.

5. How are you going to attract developers after the release of testnet?

We have both online and offline strategies to reach out for developers before we release our code.
We plan to have more technical interviews, blogs, videos, meetups and AMA events… We have very solid technical innovations and a high-quality white paper, so we are confident that with the help from the early believers, supporters and influencers, more developers will join DxChain technical community.

More importantly, we will gradually release our code and invite technical members to join our testnet testing and Hackthon events.

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With regards to DxChain: A Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network Powered by a Computing-Centric Blockchain.

Twitter: Big Data meets Blockchain

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