DxChain AMA highlight (01/30/2019)

Jan 30 2019, DxChain Team and Co-founder Allan Zhang hold the regular AMA session in DxChain telegram group (https://t.me/dxchain). Let’s have a review on it!

Q1. What’s the relationship between Trustlook and DxChain? Allan is the owner of both companies.

Trustlook is one of DxChain’s strategic partners and will provide DxChain with the smart contract auditing services. Allan is the co-founder of Trustlook and DxChain, but they are independent companies.

Q2. The Testnet quiz challenge is harder than I thought, can we submit the answer multiple times?

Thanks for your participation! Unfortunately, the answer is NO.

To make the challenge fair to everyone, each DX ID may finish the quiz only once, otherwise, only the first response will be scored.

Please check the article here for detailed rules:

Q3. What’s your plan after the release of Testnet — Alps Mountains?

After the release of DxChain Testnet, SDK and DxBox, we will continue our development on the data storage features, and follow our schedule to advance the development progress.

The next phase of DxChain development will focus on:

  • Testnet 2.0 launch
  • Support smart contract
  • Support solidarity-based economy
  • Build the programming interface between storage and blockchain system

The next release is projected at the end of 2019 Q1. Please stay tuned!

Q4. Will it be possible to connect (enter into your personal account), not by the link that comes to the mail, but through the hardware TREZOR?

Since the DxWallet has not been released yet, you are unable to log in the system through hardware wallet.

Q5. Are there further token distributions recently?

Yes, the first and second distributions of private sale tokens were released in August and November 2018. The remaining 50% of the private sale tokens will be distributed in early February 2019 and in August 2019.

Therefore, there will be a round of private sale token distribution next week. And the next round of token distribution for community members is projected in next week as well.

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