DxChain AMA highlight (02/13/2019)

DxChain Team had the regular AMA session on Feb 13, 2019. This time, we received several valuable questions from community supporters, please refer down below for the answers.

We always highly appreciate valuable and in-depth questions, suggestions or advice from DxChain community. Please feel free to let us know your opinion on Telegram (https://t.me/dxchain) or Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/DxChainNetwork/).

1. Do you have prospective clients that will buy tokens?

After DxChain Mainnet release this year, we will provide a high performance, reliable blockchain based storage platform to our community, including developers and end users community.

1) The developers can build dapps on DxChain platform, while end users of the dapps will need to buy or hold tokens for their services.
2) The DxChain storage miners need to deposit money to providers.
3) Also, DxChain would be a trusted data exchange platform, and users who would like to buy or sell their data will also need DxChain tokens.

2. Did you advertise your product to potential corporate clients?

Yes, of course. Besides busy works on the product development, the team is working on the business plan with our partners and potential corporate clients, including mining machine vendors, network services providers, storage services providers, IoT vendors, and all others.

For more detailed business plans, we will disclose around the second quarter of 2019.

3. Will the strategic partners and investors use your platform? Have they committed?

Yes, our strategic partners and investors have come to an agreement of using DxChain’s data storage and computing service in the future. And we have signed MOA with almost all of our partners.

4. How many potential clients do you have and how many do you think you can win for your product?

We are working with some of our partners and clients to test the DxChain beta product on their hardware. We will build a solid product for a specific industry first, and then apply it to more industries.

5. What will happen to token demand when Mainnet will be launched this year?

The DxChain Mainnet is a starting point of providing the real business solution to the world, it’s also a small step for the token demand for the long term. And I would like to share our ideas with our community:

1) The solid product and services are always the most important part for the team and community, the team will continue building an industry-leading product, that will help our customers and clients, and it will help with long-term token demand.
2) Better products and services will help the team and our community build the large DxChain networks, and that will help build a better ecosystem, for both suppliers and buyers.

6. How competitive is your pricing relative to alternative products? And non-blockchain products?

Looks around for the blockchain based storage and computing product, there is no real business level solution and product in the industry, and we hope we will be the first one.

The price is an important part of the product, we are still open to talking about the price. And it’s should be market value based, and product and service quality based. We don’t think the decentralized data storage means “cheaper” storage, but we will definitely make it more secure and reliable storage.

7. Are you planning to source big data from users? How?

The platform does not source data from end users directly. End users should own their own data. But we encourage end users to share their data across the network, and end users get the remuneration at the same time.

8. How successful are your main competitors?

We are watching around for all the major competitors, some of them did start their projects earlier, but none of them had reached any real products. We would try to launch the product first and win the competitions both in product and services, seriously. We would like to compare competitors’ products with our product, and you will see more information after our Mainnet released in Q3 this year.

And, thanks for reading. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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