DxChain AMA highlight (02/28/2019)

Dear Community Members,

The AMA session enables DxChain to know more about DxChain supporters’ suggestions and concerns. We are always willing to receive more in-depth questions regarding DxChain Technology from our community!

Please check the highlight below:

1. Is your blockchain going to be public or private, or both?

DxChain is a public chain, so DxChain will serve the next generation blockchain system as the infrastructure. In other words, after the launch of the Mainnet, DxChain is able to provide data storage and computing services from the bottom, and developers are able to build up their dapps on DxChain network, and everyone is able to join the network by hosting a node.

2. Is your blockchain quantum resistant?

I think so. DxChain uses Proof of Work algorithm and also Proof of Spacetime & Provable Data Possession mechanism to verify that miners continuously provide valid storage. Therefore, the increase of HashRate cannot increase the miners’ earnings. So quantum computing cannot crack the DxChain network, and DxChain can be considered as quantum resistant.

3. How have you planned to use the funds you have collected in ICO?

As planned, the ICO fund is used for these 3 major purposes:

1) Technical research and product development, as well as daily office operations. We have created and will continue expanding a talented team in both Silicon Valley, USA and China.

2) Build and nurture the DxChain global community, including both developers, miners and investors communities. We will spend more time and resources to build more open channels to let communities know the project development progress of DxChain.

3) Rewards for building up DxChain ecosystem: after the launch of the Mainnet, we will spend more funds on the development of DxChain ecosystem, and provide rewards to the ecosystem contributors.

4. Why announce DxChain and Trustlook partnership while one of the founders of DxChain is CEO of Trustlook?

Trustlook is a global leader in next-generation cybersecurity products based on artificial intelligence. Customers of Trustlook include Qualcomm, Huawei, OPPO and other global famous companies. So the strategic partnership between DxChain and Trustlook will be good — Trustlook can provide DxChain with smart contract auditing services, and DxChain will provide decentralized data storage and computing services for Trustlook in the future.

Allan Zhang is the Co-founder of Trustlook and DxChain, but DxChain and Trustlook are independent companies. So the partnership between DxChain and Trustlook is for the mutual good of both those two independent companies.

5. The founders still maintain their position with Trustlook and how will it affect the development of DxChain?

As I just said before, Trustlook and DxChain are operating independently, and there is no overlap of employees. No need to worry about anything.

Since Trustlook is one of the strategic partnership of DxChain, it’s also the potential client of DxChain. So the development of Trustlook, and the increasing demand for Trustlook’s data storage and computing will benefit DxChain as well.

6. Do you have any corporate clients that have used the Testnet or the DxBox? If so, what was their feedback?

We don’t have any corporate clients for testing the Testnet and product by now. Corporate clients will be able to use the product after our Mainnet is launched.

But we did receive some feedback about DxBox from our community members. The most constructive suggestions are: increasing the file size limit, adding mobile apps product, and some file management features.

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