DxChain AMA highlight (01/14/2019)

On January 14, DxChain Team joined the AMA session held by Bgogo Exchange (https://t.me/BgogoChinese) and had the regular AMA session in our own telegram group (https://t.me/dxchain).

Thanks for Bgogo Exchange’s invitation and we are happy to share DxChain Project with Bgogo community!


Don’t forget the DX trading competition is now ongoing on Bgogo Exchange till 1/18/2019 06:00 UTC. Total 80 ETH rewards are waiting for you!

Check the highlights below if you missed out the AMA sessions.

1. What are the key breakthroughs of DxChain Testnet newly released?

In a nutshell, features and performance of the DxChain Testnet are significantly improved in this release. Key breakthroughs of this release include:

1. Fully supports transaction types for storage contracts

2. Finalized the storage proof algorithm

3. Implemented the provider auto selection algorithm

4. Stabilized storage contract handshake process

5. Provides privacy protection

6. Performance optimized for file uploading

Find out the detailed explanation in this article:

2. What are the new features of this release?

In addition to adding features and improving the performance of the testnet, we also updated new features of the DxChain Testnet Explorer, and released the DxChainPy SDK and a brand new product — DxBox.

DxChain Testnet Explorer: We improved the functions and added some new features such as detailed information about all types of contracts and transactions are searchable.

DxChainPy SDK: Developers are able to query on chain data and use features including transactions and file storage to build their own applications based on DxChain Testnet.

DxBox: This is a decentralized blockchain storage product to provide secure & private cloud storage for users all over the world.

3. Why do we need to have at least 10000 BGG HP to trade DX on Bgogo? What is it and how to get?

BGG HODL Points (BGG HP) is a score based on weighted BGG holdings that appreciate 1% each day to emphasize the value of the BGG holding period.

BGG HODL Points = BGG Holding + (BGG Holding × 1% × Number of Days Held)

The longer the user holds BGG, the higher their BGG HP.

We have the requirement in each trading competition, and it only cost about 70 Chinese Yuan. We can ensure there is no bot or fake account cheating on the competition efficiently by using BGGHP.

4. What do you think about dx future price?

Nobody can predict the market, it’s full of changes. However, we have confidence in DxChain and our technology.

According to DxChain’s technical road map, we will enhance the data storage capacity before starting the development of the data computing features.

5. When will DX wallet be launched?

The next phase of DxChain development will focus on supporting smart contract and solidarity-based economy, and building the programming interface between storage and blockchain system. The next release is projected at the end of 2019 Q1. The DX Wallet will be launched afterward.

About DxChain
DxChain is the world’s first decentralized big data and machine learning network powered by a computing-centric blockchain. DxChain is a public chain, it designs a revolutionary “Chains-on-chain” architecture to make blockchain function as a computing unit — data storage and computing, so that the technical characteristics of blockchain can be truly extended to a broader field, promoting the next generation of technology from the bottom. For more information, please visit www.dxchain.com.
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