DxChain AMA highlight (11/08)


It was nice to discuss with our community in the AMA session on Thursday 11/08/2018 7:00 PST. We are always caring about our community and willing to share the latest update with you.

Please check the AMA history here: https://t.me/dxchain/155681 if you missed out.

Here is the summary:

Q1. What features will probably be launched in the DSC testnet in 2018 Q4?

At the end of 2018 Q4, we will release the stable and high-performance gdx to support these features:

  • Storage service client to store files on DxChain.
  • Storage service provider to earn DX
  • Restful API Services
  • SDK for multi-languages

Q2. How to run a DxChain node? Are there any requirements?

There are no special hardware requirements to run a DxChain node. The general computer with Windows, Linux or Mac OS X could be a node to run DxChain.

Also, these recommendations will help you to get some advantage:

  1. Longer online time
  2. Faster Internet connection speed
  3. Fast disk speed
  4. Large disk storage

Q3. What is the main use of DX token?

DX tokens make up the driving power of the incentive mechanisms for running the whole DxChain network: computation miners, storage miners and miners who create blocks will get DX tokens as rewards for sharing their storage and computing resources.

And Dapps built on top of DxChain network can use the DX tokens for their own purposes as well.

Q4. Any plans about the developer community in the near future?

Yes. We plan to build our developer community through sharing DxChain’s key technical innovations, including creating more articles focusing on our white paper, building up discussion threads on Reddit/Discord, and also making our coding open source.

Also, we will hold more technical meetups and seminars, both online and offline to attract more blockchain enthusiasts.

Q5. What industries will benefit from DxChain?

DxChain network is a public blockchain. That being said, DxChain can provide fundamental supports to various industries, including data exchange, healthcare, smart city, network security, etc.

For example, so far, DxChain has created strategic partnerships with companies from different industries — DoctorChain & EtainPower, the previous one focuses on the genetic data management and medical field, while the latter one is dedicated to the revolution of the renewable energy industry. And DxChain can enable them to strengthen their innovation and success in the decentralized environment.

Q6. Does the team have any plan on running the testnet with various rewards to attract more attention of the general public?

Yes. We will have special events and incentives for community members who can help us test the testnet. Moreover, engineers all over the world will be encouraged to join our testnet campaigns, Hackthons and other events, to participate in the development of DxChain.

Community points and testnet tokens will be provided as rewards for talents of course. :)

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