DxChain AMA highlights (01/03)

Hi all,

Happy New Year!! Hope you had a great holiday!

DxChain is now full of energy to embark on our project and technical progress in 2019.

Please check the following AMA highlight to get more information.

Q1. When will the test network be launched?

It’s already done but will launch a few days later (on 1/8/2019) because of the New Year holiday.

Q2. What are the new features of the testnet this time?

Our engineering team is working on the final test of the testnet. And in the following weeks, we will release the stable and high-performance gdx to support these features:
1) Storage service client to store files on DxChain
2) Storage service provider to earn DX
3) RESTful API Services
4) SDK for multi-languages

Q3. Any software needed to test the testnet?

No, not really. You could test the testnet by viewing our website and use our new feature DxBox to upload/download files to/from the chain. Plus, you could use our API to interact with the chain. The two features will be released in the very near future.

Q4. Highlights on mainnet’s performance or expected goals?

Mainnet is expected to have the following features:
1) Supporting smart contracts
2) Supporting file contracts
3) Stable for large-scale network
4) Fast block frequency of about 10~15 seconds per block

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