DxChain AMA Highlights (09/13)


DxChain Team is always happy to discuss our project with community supporters. This is the summary for the AMA this week.

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[Highlights of the AMA]

Tech Part

Q1. What is the function of the Data Side Chain?
The Data Side Chain (DSC) is built on a peer-to-peer storage network, decentralized file system, such as IPFS or Swarm.

The chain itself works as an incentive layer; it is not being used for data storage. Chain stored the meta-data for the file while the file is stored at the decentralized file system.

Proof of Spacetime (PoSt) is used as the consensus method. It provides the foundation for the decentralized storage network. The advantages include faster setting times, lower transaction fees, faster transaction speed, higher privacy and the ability for transparency.

Q2. How is the development of the Data Side Chain testnet going?
At present, everything is well underway and the research and development team is fully hooked on product development. The test network beta will be launched as scheduled in 2018 Q3 (the end of this month).

Q3. How does DxChain address the privacy issues with Data Analytics aspects of quality design?
Before talking about data privacy, I would like to introduce “data model” first.

The Data model is giving the definition to the data. With the definition, data become knowledge and can have value.

And data model plays two important roles here:
1. computation become easier — we can do the calculation at the column level.
2. when we design the privacy-preserving — we considered many options such as HE, secret-sharing, MPC.

However, they are all computational intensive.

Finally, we choose two mechanisms: data model enabled encryption and differential-privacy. Data model enable encryption will be encrypting data before sending data to the chain. Differential-privacy will be adding noise to the data before sending data to the chain. Data owner will be responsible for data privacy, and data model will just make this process easy to operate.

Marketing Part

Q1. Are there any activities for community members or engineers to participate after the Data Side Chain test network beta released?
Sure! After the beta of our test network is released, we will start some new bounties for our community.

Then you are able to learn more about the DxChain’s technology, and at the same time having fun and earning the community points as rewards.

Q2. Do you have any plans for future community activities?
Yes. After the beta of our test network is released, we will start new bounties for our community to better understand DxChain’s technical aspects.

Before that, recently we have Q&A Challenge every Wednesday. The first 10 members who answer the question correctly in the Telegram groups are eligible to get rewards.

Also, there are more programs around the corner. Don’t miss out!

Q3. How do the community volunteers work? Is there anything different in phase 2?
The community volunteer program phase one started on September 1 and will end at the end of this month. Basically, those volunteers are active supporters who know better about DxChain and are willing to spread the words about DxChain in their own networks.

The volunteers are supposed to help DxChain’s official admins maintain the DxChain community on Telegram, answer questions about DxChain and provide creative ideas and suggestions for the development of the community…

And you can find the benefits and award criteria of community volunteers here:

For the phase 2, I think we will try to get more members get involved and make the whole process more interesting. Please let us know if you have any creative ideas and suggestions. Thank you.

Q4. When will the multilingual website be released? How many languages will be provided?
The multilingual website will be released within this week!

It will support both English and Chinese, and we will update the website for other languages gradually. Since we have got a really strong Russian community, we will add Russian as the next available language. And there will be more in the near future.

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