DxChain AMA Highlights (09/27)

Hi all,

We are excited to share some exclusive information about the Date Side Chain test network beta in this AMA.

Check this highlight If you are also curious! Or check the chat history: https://t.me/dxchain/150398

[Highlights of the AMA]

Tech Part

Q1. What will the DSC test network beta look like?

The DSC test network is a file storage network based on the blockchain. It acts like Dropbox and Google Drive’s basic storage services combined with blockchain, so it can provide decentralized data storage service.

Depending on the system role of miner, storage provider and storage consumer, users could upload the file to the network and download file from the network. The explorer of the DSC test network will be released to the public in the few days, while more apps and tools are on the way.

Q2. How does the DSC test network beta work?

The mechanism behind the storage service is blockchain-powered storage marketing with mining bonus. The storage providers could provide storage in the network to earn DX tokens and the storage consumers could spend DX tokens to use the storage service.

The service is based on file contract which will be validated and accepted by our consensus algorithm. User’s data is highly secured using sharding and replication, each sharding is encrypted and distributed across the network. Users own their data by controlling their private encryption keys.

Marketing Part

Q1. Will there be any activities based on the testnet? Can I use the network now?

The DSC test network beta is a demo of the DxChain’s DSC — Data Side Chain, so you cannot use it now.

But we will design some activities for our community to join in, so you can learn more about the beta demo and earn some DX as rewards. Stay tuned to the community updates please.

Q2. What are DX total supply and the circulation now?

The total supply of DX is 100,000,000,000

And the circulating supply till the end of 2018 Q3 will be 8,828,130,642 (8.83%).

Here is a breakdown of the distributed:

Marketing & PR Expenditure 192,648,400 (0.19%)

Tokens for Sale 8,375,564,292 (8.38%)

Tokens for Advisors 250,000,000 (0.25%)

The 1st round Airdrop 9,917,950 (0.01%)

Q3. Do you have WeChat Group or other social platform groups?

Currently, we don’t have any WeChat group. But we do have a Chinese group on Telegram instead. https://t.me/DxChainGroup_CN

For Korean supporters, we have Kakaotalk group for them to discuss.

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