DxChain AMA highlights (11/20)

Hello all,

Upon community members’ request, we had our AMA session at 11:00 AM PST 11/20 this week. Every question from our community helps us to be a better project.

Here’s the highlight of this AMA.

Q1. How to redeem the tokens?

You will receive the DX tokens based on the points you have: 
1) You are eligible for the airdrop distribution if your points are more than 10,000
2) You have set up your wallet address with @DxChainBot
3) The ratio is 10 points = 1 token
4) Next round distribution is projected in February 2019

You can earn more DX by participating in our community activities now!

Q2. What’s the circulation now?

After the release of the second allocation of the tokens for private sale investors & advisors, and the airdrop distribution, the circulating supply of the DX tokens increased to a total of 15,201,891,860 DX (15.2% of the total supply)

Q3. Is super gaming computers more suitable for mining DX?

Yes. The hash rate is determined by both disk space and computation power, thus gaming computers with high performance in computation power have a larger probability of getting the expected rewards for mining DX. However, the computation power is not the only factor that matters. Large disk space will also boost the mining speed.

Q4. How to get community points or DX token?

You can get the community points by participating in community activities. We have multiple community activities and campaigns going on every week.

You can find out the information by subscribing to our news channel: https://t.me/dxchainchannel

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