DxChain AMA highlights (12/06)

Hi all,

DxChain is holding the AMA session every two weeks for better communication with our community.

Check here if you missed out👉DxChain Bi-weekly AMA look back: https://t.me/dxchain/157934

Here’s the highlight of the AMA this time.

Q1. What have you benefited from the conferences you’ve attended?

Our marketing team and engineering team have attended some conferences and also technical events recently, and we exchanged opinions with other projects. The benefits are not easy to be quantized, but we did make some friends in different areas and promote the DxChain brand and product.

Q2. What difficulties you are facing now when developing the testnet?

Since the very beginning of the project, go-dxchain went through 3 major version changes and 37 new added features. We are thrilled to see the system becomes stable and complete. However, because of the fast iterative development of the product, some parts of the system became excessive and outdated. We are unable to add new features that are conflicting with the existing module. As development moving on, this problem raises more attention and has become a shackle for our developer. 
After a serious discussion among our engineer team, we have decided to rewrite the project with a totally different design. Every problem encountered in the past few months that we fixed and every knowledge that we gained from practice, will provide the new go-dxchain a better performance. The new build will be released as the mainnet in 2019 Q1, please stay tuned!

Q3. How will DxChain Project respond to the bitcoin price effect?

Honestly, we did have some preparation for the bearish market, both economically and strategically. I would like to let you know our funding is secured for the product development and the company operation for the next year, no matter if the BTC price will remain in the downtrend or not.

Q4. As the market is extremely bearish, what are DxChain’s plans in the further?

As just said, we have confidence in the future of DxChain Network, and will focus on the product development and business development as we always do. And also, we will think about looking for new opportunities to generate revenues, in case the bearish market will last longer.

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