DxChain Project Updates №7 (08/24–09/06)

Hi, all DxChain Community Members,

Thanks for your care and patience! Now along comes our bi-weekly summary to share the latest updates with our community.

[Technical Updates]

At present, everything is well underway and the research and development team is fully hooked on product development. The test network beta will be launched as scheduled in 2018 Q3. This week, we have more updates to share with you:

For the beta for the Data storage chain:

1. Fixed the bug in file contract verification in BlockChain Layer

2. Finished wallet module publish/subscribe mechanism to the event of transaction broadcast

3. Continue performance lab testing on 100 hosts in AWS

4. Optimized file chunks streaming upload algorithm in file storage client side

5. Refactored log persistence module to identify performance objectives

[New Website]

We’re excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live! Take a look at www.dxchain.com

The updated site signals a brand-new starting point that DxChain Team will make more efforts in product development. The new version improved the content, structure, navigation and other features, so you’ll get more from a quick read. Moreover, team members’ LinkedIn links are available to check now.

The multilingual website will be released soon after. Stay tuned!

[Offline Meetup]

1. DxChain’s Co-founder Allan Zhang participated in Silicon Valley Mars Blockchain Summit

We are honored to be invited to this amazing summit, along with leaders of other promising projects. Allan has been on the roadshow to give an impressive speech and explain the DxChain concept to the public. Besides, he joined the panel discussion to communicate with other projects in depth and held that the blockchain would break the bottleneck only if the data computing can be significantly improved.

2. DxChain attended the job fair hosted by Hanhai Investment

As we mentioned in bi-weekly AMA session, DxChain team is planning to hire 4–5 more engineers in this year. We are actively seeking dynamic professionals who are passionate to succeed with a career in Blockchain and Big Data!

[Community Campaigns]

1. Community Volunteer Program

It was surprising that we have received 58 applications from more than 15 different countries as of the press time. We are grateful for your care and help and keeping us company all along.

The selected volunteers for the volunteer program phase one are listed as follows:

I_kundan_4u, shamriyas87, Lokesh Singh, kgnewcoin, ahmadwidi36, ayas_ongisnade, kzyxyz, sethuhtun, randomcryptoguy, Soly23, rirililian, Konstantin4499, HuyHoang, PraBowoKu, renatov, Ayrat182, ice_manx, Konstantin4499

Let’s work together to build a harmonious DxChain Community!

Don’t be discouraged if you are not selected, each warm supporter has the chance to contribute!

Please stay tuned to the next phase.

More details please check:

2. DxChain Q&A Challenge

Congrats to those who won the Q&A Challenge:

08/29 Q&A

MiguelCe, Halfzone, ZSCRYPTO, DmitryQuail, SanchitKatyal, serfentino, stpcript, Moneycaller, fit248, Tutu27, Imrano1, vishwassm, Sid3d, DmitryQuail, Hujhassan, CristiChiosa, white2581, akotovin08, teenspirit1, Tanzer222, 小刷子, 华华李, 李英俊 and Konstantin4499.

09/05 Q&A

Iurii92, Buderus29, Falcocrypto, vishwassm, ferjf, smvishwas, LambooningAround, bgasper, Tutu27, NaveenRaina, boulma, Crystalballs, ZSCRYPTO, Attakorn, sethuhtun, Naveendumpeti, 华华李, AlexanderM76 and bazhah7

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3. Bi-weekly AMA

Aug 29th, we held the bi-weekly AMA in our Telegram group (https://t.me/dxchain). Don’t miss out our bi-weekly AMA next week and feel free to ask questions in our official Reddit

Want to know what people asked? Check here:

4. Airdrop distribution

After much waiting, the first round airdrop is distributing now and estimated to be completed within this week. Although many supporters are still unable to receive the airdrop since not meet the requirement (more than 10,000 points), we will have more activities and programs in the near future for you to earn more community points! Please stay tuned and join us! https://t.me/dxchainchannel

[Blogs and Video Releases]

1. SVInsight: How Blockchain Collects Rare Disease Data & Breaks Data Monopoly

On July 31st, SVInsight has published an interview with the two Co-founders, Wei Wang and Allan Zhang, talking about how DxChain solves the Big data problems.

2. DxChain’s Recent Event Digest August 2018

Recently, DxChain is keeping active in various activities such as Mars Blockchain Summit, Google ABC meetup, Global Blockchain Forum, Hanhai Investment Job Fair etc. We summarized some of the highlights. Please check the collection of video clips:

With regards to DxChain: A Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network Powered by a Computing-Centric Blockchain.

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