DxChain (DX) Token Distribution and Circulation Updates for February 2019

DxChain community,

Happy new year and thanks again for your continued trust and support!

As scheduled, the third allocation of the tokens for private sale investors and advisors were released on Feb 8, 2019, and the circulating supply of the DX tokens has increased to a total of 28,825,346,450 DX (28.83% of the total supply).

The DX tokens have been and will be distributed consistently with DxChain’s token distribution plan. DxChain team will update the DX token circulation information in the Telegram News Channel (https://t.me/dxchainchannel) and on CoinMarketCap (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/dxchain-token/) monthly. Please stay tuned!

Detailed information about the token distribution plan is as follow:

Tokens for sale (25% of total)

  • All tokens for public sale were released before 08/07/2018 (approximately 2% of total).
  • There have been total three distributions of private sale tokens in Aug 2018, Nov 2018 and Feb 2019 (17.7% of the total supply). The remaining 25% of the private sale tokens will be distributed in early August 2019 as scheduled.

Marketing & BD & Advisors (10% of total)

  • 75% of the tokens for advisors were released in Aug 2018, Nov 2018 and Feb 2019 (0.75% of total). The remaining 25% will be distributed in early August 2019 as scheduled.
  • There have been three rounds of token distribution for airdrop winners, and the total amount was 10,817,950 DX (0.01% of total).
  • Tokens for marketing and BD for 2018 were unlocked (5% of the total supply), and the remaining tokens for 2019 (5% of the total supply) will be unlocked linearly in the year 2019.

Team (10% of total)

All tokens for team members have a two-year vesting period, with a one-year cliff. Therefore, till now, no team tokens have been released. The first distribution of team tokens is projected to be in early April 2019.

Foundation (10% of total)

Tokens for the foundation has a two-year vesting period, with a one-year cliff. The first part of the tokens (5% of the total supply) was released in early Jan 2019, and the remaining part will be unlocked linearly during the year 2019.

Ecosystem, mining & community (45% of total)

Tokens will be locked until the launch of the main network.

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