DxChain Ecosystem: DxChain Partners with Doctor Chain — DCH Life Health Platform

Aug 30, 2018 · Unlisted

Searching for valuable practical scenes is an important part of a public chain project development as well as developing technology. As a decentralized platform for data computing and storage, the partnership with the medical field is a priority for DxChain. Recently, DxChain signed a memorandum of cooperation with Doctor Chain, the two sides reached a primary intent of cooperation with each other for data sharing.

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The significance meaning of the creation of blockchain technology is to provide a natural scenario for data trading — individuals who have valuable data are more willing to share their data and receive financial benefits because of the support of the token mechanism. Under the stimulation of this mechanism, there are opportunities to break the Internet giants’ monopoly of data.

Just one year ago, the famous American genetic startup “23&me” sold the genetic data of 3,000 patients for 60 million US dollars. This is a typical case of monopolistic benefit from data. The new era of blockchain provides technology platforms for individuals to trade genetic data, allows individuals with genetic data to get profits, and provides the possibility of breaking the past monopolies of data and benefits.

The collaboration between DxChain and Doctor Chain is based on the will that DxChain’s data storage and computing capabilities can help the individual users of Doctor Chain achieve data transactions. Doctor Chain with far-reaching influence in the traditional medical health field for many years is exactly the eco-partner DxChain needs:

  • DxChain is a decentralized data storage and computing platform located in Silicon Valley. Although the blockchain technology has reached significant development, there were still no major breakthroughs in data storage and computing. However, the DxChain team is firmly committed to innovations in these two areas, providing a solid technical foundation for data transactions. DxChain believes that if a platform only provides data storage capabilities, both storage and reading are worthless features. Only when the platform provides computing capabilities which support business intelligence computing can provide valuable data results. At the same time, because of the computing capability, when the user provides valuable data to DxChain, the platform sells the valuable results to the data demand side after calculations instead of selling data directly, therefore ensuring the privacy. DxChain’s storage and computing capabilities can guarantee the privacy of the users while providing a data trading platform and promoting valuable data transactions.

The cooperation between the two parties is precisely the combination of technology and data. In the future, DxChain will provide the fundamental technology for data storage and computing and develop the API interface of the platform for Doctor Chain; Doctor Chain will offer the resources of patients and users for DxChain as one of the most direct scenarios. The genetic data and health data owned by Doctor Chain can help strengthen DxChain’s ecosystem.

The cooperation can bring a real revolution to the medical and health field: in the field of medical, it can realize non-third-party intermediary transactions, participants can exchange data directly in the blockchain, simplify the medical incident insurance claims process and eliminate a series of third-party verification procedures. In addition, by establishing shared “gene” user data, companies that need data for research or pharmaceutical R&D can obtain effective data, promote public health, and so on.

It is not difficult to see that once DxChain technology enters traditional fields, it can have a positive impact on the whole society.

DxChain’s development is underway, the mainnet and data side chain testnet is expected to be published in the third quarter, the API interface is expected to published in the fourth quarter. The overall team is heading toward the goal.

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With regards to DxChain: A Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network Powered by a Computing-Centric Blockchain.

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