DxChain Project Updates №10 (10/5–10/19)


Here comes the bi-weekly digest, enjoy!

[Strategic Partnership]

Recently, DxChain reached a strategic partnership with NKN network, committing to provide sophisticated technology solutions for blockchain ecosystem.

  • DxChain will provide NKN the solution of data computing and storage, which is the technology support NKN needs in the decentralized data computing and storage scenario.
  • NKN will provide DxChain the solution of blockchain network transmission. In the decentralized network designed by DxChain, every node is equal. Combining NKN’s decentralized network connectivity and transmission solution, we are able to create a network with equality eventually.

[Technical Update]

After the release of DxChain testnet beta Andes, more efforts are being devoted to product development since more and more people are caring about DxChain.

In these 2 weeks, we’ve made improvements including:

1. Proposed a new design for weighted host selection in file contract with high efficiency and reliability,

2. Fixed a bug causing inconsistency in file contract in an extreme scenario,

3. Collected and analyzed data from testnet nodes. Continue on parameter tuning,

4. Updated the file writer utility for higher efficiency and atomicity.

[Community Campaigns]

1. The Twitter Task is BACK again!

This time, you can not only get 3,000 community rewards by subscribing our twitter account and sharing the video of DxChain test network beta Andes, but also get a chance to win a DxChain T-shirt!!

Are you the luckiest one? Start with http://t.me/DxChainBot NOW~

2. Two language versions website were released!

As we announced before, the Russian and Vietnam version website were updated. Feel free to check! www.dxchain.com

More languages are in progress, please stay tuned!

3. DxChain Q&A Challenge

Join DxChain Telegram Group for more activities! https://t.me/dxchainchannel

Upon community members’ request, we have an extra round Q&A Challenge for those East Asian supporters who cannot join the first round at 12:00 PM PST.

Note: the maximum reward for Q&A challenge each week per person is 1,000 points.

Thus you will only get 1,000 points if you are eligible for getting the reward in both rounds (first 10 participants who answered questions correctly).

10/10 Q&A

[Global — New] — @imfadil, @Cryptorious81, @plz_call_911, @Buderus29, @samkeong88, @blackhawks149, @AntonioP84, @jaffas_crypto, @MiguelCe, @absurde00

[Global] — @worksshop, @Hansice, @Sid3d, @UmckaBear, @devranjan, @farecek, @Sergey2705, @falconite, @vishwassm, @undyaa

[Russian] — @Bagoc, @dimasfeduk, @Valeraturboc, @Konstantin4499, @Alena111777, @MaslovNikolA

[Global — New] — @KingOfCryptoss, @nguyenquydoQuantum1Ne, @NaveenRaina, @fir4d4us, @J4CK3ZZ0, @Chad, @kjungwon, @Iurii92, @samkeong88, @BtcKingUSD

[Global] — @az6_2, @Hujhassan, @juhyarmaulana, @karapuzzzzzzzzzz, @Liepinsch, @Tanzer222, @kynhongchua, @white2581, @Abhoshyla, @Megamonstro

[中文] — @meTAro, @李华华

10/17 Q&A

[Global — New] — @patzzine, @ZSCRYPTO, @MiguelCe, @Megamonstro, @Halfzone, @mike_ev, @RealMC_oficial, @LambooningAround, @bgasper, @ferjf

[Global] — @inpriseonur, @amstel85, @worksshop, @UmckaBear, @Hansice, @Enricml, @Drkkv, @Llazi

[中文] — @meTAro

[Russian] — @plz_call_911, @Serega2000, @az6_2, @Konstantin4499, @Alena111777, @shumer

[Global — New] — @srinivasaare, @kjungwon, @natkins, @Pankajjadhav, @Avidmaya, @aditya827, @tatkamatatka, @Satish Khandare, @MacTheReaper, @Exawn

[Global] — @juhyarmaulana, @ttanh1012, @falconite, @Oldboyiii, @Ngocro156, @KhoaNT1404

[中文] — @samkeong88

4. Bi-weekly AMA

With the release of DxChain testnet beta, more and more supporters care about our technical updates, making us a more professional community!

Any questions are welcomed. Hope to see you in the next AMA session!

[Blogs and Video Releases]

1. DxChain Releases testnet beta; Introduces The First Block of Data Chain

With regards to DxChain: A Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network Powered by a Computing-Centric Blockchain.

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