DxChain Project Updates №12 (11/03–11/16)

Hi all,

Here’s a quick review of DxChain project progress in the past two weeks. We want to express our deep gratitude to you for giving us supports!

[Development Progress]

DxChain is continuously working on the developing and making the achievements. Let’s take a look:

1. Designed and implemented an algorithm for calculating the weight for storage provider selection. Tuned parameters based on the data collected from testnet.

2. Finished implementing the new upload/download algorithm with sharding for storage service.

3. Refactored the HTTP server module based on a well-organized architecture design.

4. Proposed an overall design for SDK for go-dxchain.

5. Give statistic report for testnet data.

[Community Campaigns]

1. DxChain (DX) Token Distribution and Circulation Updated

As scheduled, the second allocation of the tokens for private sale investors & advisors, and the second round airdrop & bounty token distribution were completed.

The circulating supply of the DX tokens has increased to a total of 15,201,891,860 DX (15.20% of the total supply).

Further details please check:

2. Bi-weekly AMA

Every question from our community helps DxChain be a better project. Check the highlights below if you missed out the AMA.

FYI: We will have next AMA on 11/20 Tuesday 11:00 AM PST to meet community members’ request in different time zone.

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3. DxChain Q&A Challenge

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Upon community members’ request, we have an extra round Q&A Challenge for those East Asian supporters who cannot join the first round at 12:00 PM PST.

Note: the maximum reward for Q&A challenge each week per person is 1,000 points.

List of winners

11/07 Q&A

[Global — New] @smvishwas, @bubsssone, @Nadin_ledi, @RICHAR01, @yaya2018, @kudyaa, @ndp1990, @Dadagan, @TheWolfofMainStreet, @tvnmurthy
[Global] @Enricml, @vishwassm, @amstel85, @Sid3d, @lehungviet96, @devranjan, @Denko25, @undyaa, @tindyaa, @Oldboyiii
[中文] @meTAro
[Russia] @block3132, @proprodvizenie, @VOV77, @Alena111777, @VladUr, @Konstantin4499, @az6_2, @andre20113, @Drowsyrain, @AnatolijTomans

[Global — New] @NaveenRaina, @IndraAdi1, @kjungwon, @yonnz6, @white2581, @zozo1710, @bgasper, @Runnde2, @RealMC_oficial
[Global] @ttanh1012, @Tiam2, @Hujhassan, @钮钴禄 尔泰, @worksshop, @amignerot, @fir4d4us, @joe51q

11/14 Q&A

[Global — New] @plz_call_911, @bubsssone, @bgasper, @Buderus29, @natalisher, @cheema11, @axer_ego, @tististis, @Xattori_Xanzo, @CryptoAsh28
[Global] @Liepinsch, @Hansice, @amstel85, @Tiam2, @UmckaBear, @Saleh, @AlwaysV, @Ojiefrancis, @Enricml, @fir4d4us
[中文] @华华 李, @C_Popp, @LadyBoss007, @Vivian Ameida, @bbigmax
[Russia] @stigmat88, @AnatolijTomans, @DanTarsen, @MaslovNikolA, @LevonSogomjan, @RomaShershn, @Denko25, @RealMC_oficial, @Evamat100, @az6_2

[Global — New] @Abdess, @Skeith44, @ivan_warrior, @natkins, @Dadagan, @vishwassm, @ArturLichtenwaldt, @tvnmurthy, @Vinaytm, @Fujio Nakamoto
[Global] @undyaa, @jarrodirwin, @Drkkv, @marapanga, @douglas_30, @Tanzer222, @crypto_mri, @Soulscaner, @aarab77, @ calixmoon
[中文] @samkeong88

[Blogs and Video Releases]

1. Meet Allan Zhang: The Most Persistent Innovator in Blockchain

Zhang believes the bottleneck of data storage and computing he encountered provides the biggest business opportunity in the blockchain market.

With regards to DxChain: A Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network Powered by a Computing-Centric Blockchain.

Website: http://www.dxchain.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/dxchain
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DxChainNetwork