DxChain Project Updates №14 (12/01–12/14)

Hi all,

During the closing month of this year, DxChain never slacks off. We are making great efforts on the development progress of testnet and laying a good foundation for the year 2019.

Here’s the latest digest.

[Development Progress]

The development of testnet has now stepped into a critical stage, the engineers are continuously revising it to ensure the successful delivery of the final version.

Let’s see what they’ve solved these weeks:

1. Continue on sorting out and document the existing features of go-dxchain.
2. Research for the possibility of introducing the file sharing mechanism.
3. Designed and implemented the first DAPP for DxChain — DxBOX.
4. Implementing the Python SDK for go-dxchain.
5. Fix a critical error for some specific node operation in DHT p2p network.

[Strategic Partnership]

Recently, DxChain and Celer announced the strategic partnership with each other. The two projects will cooperate in depth to promote the infrastructure construction of blockchain and provide a complete set of technical solutions for blockchain developers.

[In-depth Interview]

DxChain — Build A New Data Security Ecosystem

At the age of the Internet in the past decade, data breach issues — whether in Silicon Valley or in China — remain unsolved. Now, the distributed storage enabled by blockchain is believed to the next breakthrough technology to improve data security.

Please refer down below for this interview of DxChain published by Jinse Finance on Nov. 30th.

[Community Campaigns]

1. Bi-weekly AMA

Want to have better communication with DxChain Project Team? Join the bi-weekly AMA and raise questions to us!

AMA highlights last time:

2. DxChain Q&A Challenge

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Upon community members’ request, we have an extra round Q&A Challenge for those East Asian supporters who cannot join the first round at 12:00 PM PST.

Note: the maximum reward for Q&A challenge each week per person is 1,000 points.

12/05 Q&A

12/12 Q&A

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