DxChain Project Updates №16 (12/29–1/11)

Hi all,

New year 2019, new vitality! Here comes the first project update in the year 2019!

DxChain team appreciates your constant trust and support!

In this update, we would like to share some good news with you!

[DX listed on Bgogo]

Firstly, we are excited to announce that DxChain (DX) will be listed on Bgogo Exchange. Deposit and withdrawal of DX/ETH and DX/BTC trading pairs will be available on Jan 11 06:00 UTC.

Moreover, please join the DX trading competition from Jan 14 06:00 UTC to Jan 18 06:00 UTC. 80 ETH in total will give away!!

There will be 10 ETH Early Bird Rewards for the Top 5 Trading Volume participants in the first 24 hours.

More detailed rules please check:

[Release of Testnet and SDK]

DxChain Team finished the development and testing of the Testnet — Alps Mountains at the end of December 2018 smoothly.

After the short new year break, DxChain officially launched the Testnet and SDK on Jan 7th 2019, named Alps Mountains, which showcases another crucial milestone that we have achieved after the release of Testnet Beta — Andes Mountains at the end of September 2018.

The key breakthroughs we’d like to share with you are listed as follows:
1. Support three types of transactions for storage contracts

2. Finalized the storage proof algorithm

3. Stabilized storage contract handshake process

4. Implemented the provider auto selection algorithm

5. Performance optimized for file uploading

In addition, we also updated the DxChain explorer, released the DxChainPy SDK and a new product — DxBox, which is the first decentralized blockchain storage product. Meanwhile, we provide free qualifications for our community members and supporters to try out the DxBox, with up to 500M storage space for everyone.

Explore the new features and create your own decentralized DxBox NOW by clicking the Testnet button on our website www.dxchain.com!

[A letter To DxChain Shareholders]

At the end of the year 2018, DxChain Team and Co-founder Allan Zhang would like to share with you the growth of DxChain in the past year, and our plans for the new year 2019.

[Community Campaigns]

1. Twitter Bounty Raffle Winners

DxChain held a twitter bounty during the Christmas and New Year holiday.

Congratulations to the following users who won a mystery gift from DxChain!

2. Bi-weekly AMA

Information about DxChain Testnet in the AMA session last week:

Next up: DxChain will have the AMA session on Jan 14 19:00–19:30 PST.

Don’t miss out if you have questions about DxChain’s testnet and DX trading competition on Bgogo exchange.

3. DxChain Q&A Challenge

Join DxChain Telegram Group for more activities! https://t.me/dxchainchannel

Upon community members’ request, we have an extra round Q&A Challenge for those East Asian supporters who cannot join the first round at 12:00 PM PST.

Note: the maximum reward for Q&A challenge each week per person is 1,000 points.



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