DxChain Project Updates №17 (1/12–1/25)

Hi all,

After the release of DxChain Testnet & SDK, DxChain Team is now making progress towards the next phase and hoping we can bring more and more good news for our community!

Please check the following project updates from 1/12/2019 to 1/25/2019.

[Strategic Partnership]

On Jan 18, 2019, DxChain announced the strategic partnership with Trustlook.

DxChain will provide Trustlook complete data storage and computing technology solutions for secure, high storage and computing speed in a decentralized environment. And Trustlook will provide security services for DxChain: Trustlook Smart Contract Insight will provide DxChain with security attack and defense testing to troubleshoot possible platform vulnerabilities.

The collaboration between DxChain and Trustlook Smart Contract Insight will create a safer and more efficient blockchain ecosystem.

[New Faces]

We are happy to share with our community that there are 3 talented members joined DxChain research and development team!🎉🎉

Xiaofei Liu — Blockchain Engineer

Xiaofei obtained his Master’s degree from Zhejiang University where he majored in Computer Science and previously worked at Alibaba. He has a strong belief about blockchain technology and has a wealth experience in concurrent system and consensus mechanism in the blockchain. As a Blockchain engineer, Xiaofei will not only focus on the design and optimization of consensus algorithms and crypto algorithms, also contribute to the implementation of DxChain’s innovative “chains-on-chain” structure.

Manxiang Zhang — Blockchain Back End Developer

Growing up in Silicon Valley, Manxiang has been deeply influenced by the atmosphere of technological innovation and has a keen interest in blockchain technology. He graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in Computer Engineering, and had served as an instructor for related courses several times. As a Blockchain Back End Developer, Manxiang is dedicated to assisting the DxChain team in the development of next-generation blockchain infrastructure and distributed storage systems.

Canshi Wei — Software Developer Intern

Canshi is a junior year student from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a Computer Science major and taking his internship at DxChain as a Software Developer. He will work with the research and development team on all aspects of developing the DxChain. During his sophomore year, Canshi has completed two blockchain projects independently with high enthusiasm about blockchain and distributed system. Having him in DxChain Team will bring us more innovative thinkings and energy.

We appreciate you joining us in providing a warm welcome for Xiaofei, Manxiang and Canshi.

[Technical Progress]

After the release of Testnet & SDK, DxChain research and development team is now committing towards the next phase of development.

Here is the technical progress in the last two weeks:

1. Maintenance work for the new DxChain Testnet.

2. Fix a bug for intercontinental communication error due to unexpected high delay.

3. Finished the initial design of the DxChain mainnet.

4. Refactored some basic libraries, including crypto, metric, log, and params.

5. Continue working on refactoring basic libraries including account, rlp, and trie module.

[Media Release]

On Jan 18th, 2019, CryptoDiffer released an exclusive research report about DxChain and other ICO projects, aimed to investigate progress details of these projects after their ICO.

Please refer down below for this report.

[DX Trading Competition]

DX is officially listed on Bgogo Exchange on Jan 14, 2019. And we received a message from Max, the CEO of Bgogo Exchange. We highly appreciate his support!

Also, the DX trading competition successfully ended. Please check the winners’ list here:

[Community Campaigns]

1. Bi-weekly AMA

Last week, DxChain joined the AMA session held by Bgogo Exchange. Thanks for their invitation and we are happy to share DxChain Project with Bgogo community!

2. DxChain Q&A Challenge

Join DxChain Telegram Group for more activities! https://t.me/dxchainchannel

Upon community members’ request, we have an extra round Q&A Challenge for those East Asian supporters who cannot join the first round at 12:00 PM PST.

Note: the maximum reward for Q&A challenge each week per person is 1,000 points.

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