DxChain Project Updates №20 (2/23–3/8)

Dear community members,

Nowadays, women in tech are making constructive contributions and influences in the blockchain industry. Blockchain needs women to grow successfully by providing stability and security. Women also need Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology. With joining the industry, women will ensure Blockchain Technology’s capability to meet everyone’s needs equally and to eliminate prejudice.

Happy International Women’s Day to all female investors, engineers, and community supporters!

At the same time, DxChain Team welcomes more talents to join us and build a glorious decentralized storage future, regardless of gender, age or country.

Check the open positions here: https://dxchain.com/careers/

Here comes DxChain’s most recent project digest, please refer down below to check the progress, new members and new activity. Thanks for your attention and concern!

[Development Progress]

DxChain Team realized there are more and more blockchain enthusiasts caring about DxChain technology and product leading us more energetic toward the development!

Please check our progress recently:

1. Optimized the efficiency of message exchange in P2P network aiming to resolve the high exchange for storage.

2. Designed and implemented the encoding handshake process providing a secure connection.

3. Proposed design for further speeding up storage uploading/downloading by introducing the pipeline design pattern.

4. Continue on the maintenance work and monitoring matrices for DxChain Testnet.

[What’s in the DxBox]

As more and more technical enthusiasts know the concept of DxChain and our latest release from the Testnet & SDK Quiz Challenge, we will typically focus on the experience of our first Blockchain Cloud Storage Product — DxBox this time for in-depth understanding.

Register + Upload file + Share your feedback = Up to 55,000 points!

Your opinions are highly appreciated and valued to us!

[New Faces]

This week, we had two more experienced Blockchain Engineers joined DxChain Team.

Xiang Zhang — Blockchain Engineer

Xiang Zhang obtained his Master’s degree in Computer Application Technology from East China Jiaotong University, and previously worked at Meitu Blockchain as a Blockchain Research and Development Engineer. He focused on the research and development of the fundamental blockchain technology, engaged in the development of the Meitu public chain, and responsible for the improving DPoS consensus algorithm and multiple core modules. With great interest and enthusiasm for blockchain technology, Xiang will work on DxChain’s consensus algorithm and data storage module optimization, hoping to contribute his own strength to help DxChain Team develop the next-generation blockchain system.

Xu Huang — Blockchain Developer

Xu Huang, bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technology, experienced in research and development of multiple entrepreneurial projects, including the construction of remote control systems for smart car, and Smart Card & Cryptographic Key Management System. After exposure to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, he joined a public chain project that provides solutions for smart industrial manufacturing, made his effort on the testing and development of the fundamental performance of the chain. After joining DxChain R&D Team, he will in charge of the Smart Contract and File Contract module, to realize and optimize the business layer engine, as well as to promote DxChain’s technical realization and landing in the business field.

[Community Campaigns]

1. DxChain Q&A Challenge

Brand NEW Wednesday Q&A Challenge is COMING!!

1) Each winner can win 1,000 community points reward;

2) We will randomly choose 30 winners from participants who answer the question correctly;

Instead of the first 10 people got the answer in each group can win rewards, no matter what time zone you are in, everyone has a chance to win reward!

Go and Win the raffle!!

2. Bi-weekly AMA

Every question from DxChain community values to us and moving us forward.

Go ahead and check the AMA highlights:

Reference: Why We Need More Women Working in Blockchain, Neeru Pallen, Dec 28, 2018

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