DxChain Project Updates №8 (09/07–09/20)


We want to share some new updates in the development of DxChain Tech and Community that we are excited about in this project summary. Enjoy reading!

[Technical Updates]

So far, our work is just bouncing along. Here’s the technology progress we have made:

1. Fixed the bug in node discovery mechanism of P2P Layer

2. Finished block and transaction explorer for testnet

3. Finalized the block frequency on 100 hosts testing lab in AWS

4. Implemented the explorer‘s publish/subscribe interface to block and transaction

5. Submitted storage provider’s transaction to blockchain in the market layer

[New Face]

We’d like to introduce Jacky Wang who is starting at DxChain as a Blockchain Engineer. He’ll work with the research and development team on all aspects of developing the DxChain.

We’ve hired Jacky to carry out our next generation blockchain infrastructure and distributed storage system. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Arizona and a Bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Fudan University. He is enthusiastic and excited about our revolutionary “chains-on-chain” structure, an innovation that he believes will break through the bottlenecks of storage and computation.

Join us in welcoming Jacky! We’ve attached Jacky’s picture and updated his LinkedIn on our website so that you will be able to recognize and greet him.

[Activity Forecast]

DxChian’s Co-founder Allan Zhang will attend the two-day SVIEF (Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum), hope we can meet some of you onsite!

Time: 09/28/2018–09/30/2018

Location: Silicon Valley, CA USA

Details: http://www.svtic.com/index.html

[Community Campaigns]

1. The NEW activity is ongoing

The YouTube Video Competition is going on now! Earn 3,000 community points easily by voting for the videos you like.

How to participate? Click here:

2. Launched the Chinese version website

DxChain‘s Chinese version website came online!

As we mentioned in the last project update, the multilingual website would be released gradually shortly after.

3. DxChain Q&A Challenge

Join DxChain Telegram Group for more activities! https://t.me/dxchainchannel

09/12 Q&A

Give our congratulations to:

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09/19 Q&A

Nicely done! Congrats to:

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4. Bi-weekly AMA

DxChain Team is always happy to discuss our project with community supporters. Your supervision and conduction are highly appreciated!

[Blogs and Video Releases]

1. DxChain’s Recent Event Digest (August 2018)

Here’s the collection of video clips from the offline meetup DxChain attended in August.

2. DxChain Wants To Be The Alibaba of Blockchain

As a technology platform, DxChain is looking forward to the evolution of big data and blockchain.

3. “Mars Public Talk” №133 | Allan Zhang: Using Blockchain to Drive Development of Artificial Intelligence

On July 28th, Mars Finance has published a public talk with DxChain Co-founder Allan Zhang, discussing using blockchain to drive the development of artificial intelligence.

With regards to DxChain: A Decentralized Big Data and Machine Learning Network Powered by a Computing-Centric Blockchain.

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