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DXdao and Swapr deploy to Arbitrum one

DXdao, with its new governance product DXvote and AMM Swapr, expand to Arbitrum

Building on a history of on-chain governance

DXdao recently passed its two-year anniversary since its deployment in May 2019, which was followed by the Reputation (REP) distribution period where REP — voting power in DXdao — was issued to 399 addresses. Since then, DXdao has launched a bonding curve fundraiser, paid dozens of contributors, and managed three products — Omen, Swapr, and Mesa — all through on-chain governance.

Introducing DXvote

The new DXdao base on Arbitrum will also be the first to use DXdao’s new decentralized governance product, DXvote. DXvote features a whole new set of underlying smart contracts based on the Arc contracts from DAOstack with slight modifications, such as the introduction of DXD staking in holographic consensus.

Swapr on Arbitrum

While governance is the first thing DXdao will do on Arbitrum, the community is also excited about the deployment of Swapr on Arbitrum and the promise of lower transaction costs. The Swapr squad has been working closely with the Offchain Labs for months to ensure a smooth launch.



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The DXdao is a decentralized organization, owned and operated by the community. It develops, governs, and grows DeFi protocols and products.