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DXdao Month in Review | May 2021

Swapr Beta Launch




  • DXD Buyback Program — the signal proposal passed on xDai and mainnet on May 13th. So far 7 buyback proposals have been submitted and in total 313.5 DXD have been purchased. Mesa is being used to execute the buyback; a guide on how to interact with the orders can be found here.
  • Liquidity deposits into Swapr on xDai — there is now over $2.2m of DXdao liquidity in Swapr on xDai. Provisioning liquidity as a DAO is a challenge, requiring two proposals for each pair and a relayer contract to ensure liquidity is added at the right ratio.
  • Treasury Diversification — REP holders passed a new program to diversify the treasury at the end of April, building on the first program where $3m of stablecoins were acquired. The program authorized another $5m of stablecoin purchases given the treasury’s heavy exposure to ETH. In May, $4m in stables were acquired at an average price of $3,200 ETH/USD.

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