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2022 & Beyond

2021 has been a hell of a year for DxSale! With the success we have built, we are looking beyond the horizon to disrupt other market segments by building highly usable decentralized applications.

“Currently, DxSale is the largest truly decentralized IDO launchpad on BSC, while also supporting 11 other chains! We make it easy to mint and launch your IDO without requiring any coding knowledge, so you can focus on marketing & building your product. There are no barriers to creating an IDO, and there are many security features built in our DAO to save time and build assurance for project creators and investors. Check out https://dx.app to get started!”

  • The goal has always been to verify and push the boundaries of smart contract use cases to replace traditional-based applications and middle-men, building high user-experienced dApps.
  • Part of our goal was achieved by building a decentralized launchpad (DxLaunch) that does not require any hand-holding and is managed by our DAO. DxLaunch became a disruptor technology leader in the crypto industry in 2021, facilitating over 12,000 IDOs. We built tools to aid contributors to make smarter decisions with their funds rather than creating barriers for entrepreneurs and contributors.
  • Favorite Accomplishment of 2021: DxDAO removes developer authority of selling tokens that we receive as revenue from our platform (DxSale) to our Token (SALE). This resulted in no dumping of tokens after launch with no human manipulation, thanks to a 3% selling limit every 24 hours.
  • No other decentralized launchpad comes close to this level of transparency, authenticity, and moral background. On top, buy and burn 50% of our revenue!
  • You can learn more about the DxSale revenue model here.

Our DAO ensures that the power of selling tokens is within the platform’s users, not the developers. It also provides a daily selling cap, so no one abuses it. All of that is handled through smart contracts that are immutable and transparent for you to review. No other launchpad comes close to this level of transparency, authenticity, and technicality.

What’s Happening in 2022 & Beyond

The final quarter of 2021 has been focused on setting up a foundation for 2022. We received legal and financial advice from reputable startups outside crypto to ensure we learn the best practices and avoid harmful habits early. The primary goal is to be sustainable, continue to build products, and expand our ecosystem regardless of market conditions. Based on our collective thinking for 2022, here’s a high-level summary of what we are looking to do from a business and tech perspective.

Rebrand is coming!

As a passionate group of developers, we don’t want to be tied down to a specific market segment, and hence we are making a slight adjustment to our name. This is to avoid creating multiple projects with multiple IDOs & Tokens. It’s not that we don’t like money; we just hate greed. We will make every application under one umbrella powered by Dx technologies utilizing one token — $SALE.

We are rebranding from DxSale to Dx. Dx is our fun way of saying Decentralized — and if you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for ya!

Here’s a list of what the branding will look like as the year progresses:

  1. Our web domain will be changing from dxsale.app to dx.app. The change is mainly done, but we will slowly recycle the previous domains and re-direct them to Dx.
  2. Logo changes. Please tell us how you feel about our logo!
  3. Refresh of dxsale.network page
  4. Refresh UI elements to fit our new branding across our applications.

Product Line for 2022

Here’s the high level of our product line for 2022. We will provide more details about the design and sneak peeks as we progress through these BUIDL items.

We will utilize our SALE token to govern and provide utility to these products.

DxStake will be a platform as a service tool to assist projects with staking programs. It is a way to incentivize their community without spending too much time or dedication to bootstrap their platform early.

DxFarm focuses on being an aggregation farming platform that will utilize our DAO to provide reliable APYs, rather than high APYs that come through a mintable token. DxFarm vision is to remove the challenges of Impermanent loss and provide a one-stop for all serious farmers looking for reliable, sustainable, long-term yields.

DxArcade will be an in-house set of games that we’d love to make for the crypto industry. It will be our first product that’s not a service-based platform. As gaming enthusiasts, we look forward to building multiple challenging games to grow our ecosystem and SALE token. DxArcade will be a “getting our feet wet” moment to make our version of MMORPG in the upcoming years. This will be a stepping stone into DxStudio.

DxNFT is going to start as a platform as a service for all NFT needs, which will grow into an interactable NFT sandbox by providing easy-to-use integrations to other projects in crypto.

DxMarketing allows project owners and influencers, graphic designers, writers, and more to negotiate and utilize the power of smart contracts to conduct quality, verifiable business. We have found a heavy dilution of influencers and services that don’t provide a high impact. The platform will aim to remove redundancy to increase the quality of marketing providers for IDOs and ongoing projects; the new way to help genuine service providers to find gems they wish to support.

DxVC is dependent on completing DxMarketing as we will be building out incubators worldwide to empower innovative minds to build real, practical, decentralized applications.

DxStudio aims to be a gaming studio whose core focus is to build out our gaming titles. 2022 will be used to build out a list of ideas with protagonists, themes, environment, and more! Have every game ready for technical assessment to determine which product is most feasible and thriving in the market. We are currently developing one game as experimentation to assess market viability.

DxScan aims to provide better insight into contracts and on-chain data to bring meaningful stats to everyday crypto users. We will utilize the tools to better enhance the experience of all our users on the platform. It will also play a crucial role in expanding our vision to become a B2B service provider.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you to our community for supporting and believing in our vision! We are slowly building our business foundations without hurting our long-term goals of delivering sustainable products to the market; we thank you for your patience as we learn to take the next significant steps on our journey.

Follow our Journey

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dxsale

Telegram: https://t.me/dxsale



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