dYdX is live on mainnet: Margin trade now on expo

Zhuoxun Yin
Oct 2, 2018 · 2 min read
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dYdX and expo are both live on mainnet.

We are live! Trade here now.

After months of development, three separate external audits and rigorous internal testing, we’re incredibly excited to announce that the dYdX Margin Trading Protocol and expo are both live!

The Protocol enables anyone to trustlessly lend, borrow and margin trade on any ERC20 token.

Expo, as we announced previously, allows users to interact with the dYdX Margin Trading Protocol and is the simplest way to get short and leveraged exposure through Margin Tokens. Expo currently supports the Short Ethereum token — we’ll be rolling out additional short and leveraged tokens in the near future.

Why we’re excited

The launch of the dYdX Margin Trading Protocol and expo is an important milestone for both our team and the emerging decentralized financial system. It is our first step towards providing simple, secure, and global access to financial products that allow traders to easily hedge, speculate, and diversify. We hope that expo, along with other awesome projects in the space, will help to expand usage of decentralized financial products.

Margin tokens on Radar Relay

Margin Tokens will soon be on Radar! Stay tuned for further announcements from the team. In the meantime, check out this cool page they created about short tokens.

Get in touch

Using expo: If you have any questions or feedback relating to expo, please feel free to reach out via the #expo-support channel on our public slack — https://slack.dydx.exchange/

Providing liquidity: If you’re interested in seamlessly earning interest on your ETH & ERC20 assets, reach out at contact@dydx.exchange.

Join us: If you’d like to help us build the future of finance, take a look at our open roles across engineering, design and operations!

The dYdX team is grateful for all your support so far! We look forward to continuing to build awesome products in the future!


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