How I intend to use problem solving in the near future.

As I mentioned many times already, I work in a job field where it requires a lot of problem solving. From the moment I clock in,everything and anything within reason can walk through that door. The moment a customer pulls into the parking lot I have to get my game face on. Some customers only want trivial things like rope and screws but others want me to become Bob the Builder.

This has it’s pros and cons. When I first started working there I was under a lot of stress because I knew nothing and I put too much pressure on myself. Over time and experience, I was able to grab a understanding of these fields. This was all because I payed attention and learned whenever I could. I know this may sound like I went above and beyond, but I felt like I owed it to myself so I didn’t look foolish evey time a customer came through the door.

Since I have used problem solving at work now I have to use it in other contexts. For starters, this is my first year at The University of Buffalo . I transferred from a smaller college call Erie Community College. ECC was a lot smaller than UB, by a lot, and was not a labor intensive. I am now in classes for my major that I have to do a lot of work in. This has caused me a small deal of stress cause now I have to balance aspects of my life that I never had to do before.

Studying times have increased immensely. I now have to take time out of my day to study before exams. I would usually only study late at night right before I went to bed. This is a problem, for the classes I am taking now this would not slide. I could not be able to study for exams in one night. So I decided that I have to sacrifice some of my free time for studying to solve this problem.

My social life has also been effected by school. I used to be able to stay out all night doing who knows what with who knows who. Now I have to be home at reasonable times for class in the morning and to study. My busy weekends have also been ruined by school. I solved this problem by only going out every other weekend or only once a weekend. I decided that I don’t always have to go out, the sun will rise tomorrow and the bars will be open tomorrow as well.

My work hours have been cut to accommodate my school schedule. This has caused me to pick up more night time and weekend shifts to make up for those lost hours. Also, having less hours caused me to have less money in my bank account. This has caused my to be more frugal with my money. I decided I am going to fix this problem by trying to stop spending money on frivolous things. I also have decided that I will no longer go out to eat all the time but to make and prepare more meals to save money.

All of these problem solving techniques have not been put fully into plan yet. I am easing my way into it. Although I have not seen results yet, I can imagine these answers to my problems will benefit me more than I could imagine.

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