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Dynamic Python Strikes Again

Python can be a very dynamic language for those who can wield the power of the snake.

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Make the snake do all the work for you.

Automation + Metadata = Microservices

Instantly publish all the REST APIs or Microservices you wish with little effort just by using the snake's power as I have with no money during a Pandemic.

Why is this approach not the standard used by all companies worldwide? Do they not know they will want to publish REST APIs for all of their mobile apps? Do they not want to publish Linux Command Line Tools to make their customer’s lives easier, as is the case with OpenStack? Do they not want to publish microservices with ease quickly? Or are they simply not aware of “what” could be done if one wanted to make all of this easier through the use of simple automation?

Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework

No more coding RESTful Interfaces. No more having to debug your RESTful Interfaces. Read more.

Let’s Make REST Into a Protocol

“I have wrested the rest of the REST out of my hands and put it all to rest with the rest of the REST on the shelf, where it all can rest.”, circa. 2021. Read more.

Super Easy Microservices

This article will learn how easy it can be to publish microservices or web-based RESTful services. You do not need to know anything about REST to do this. Read more.

Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework Lite

Python 3.9.1 meets Flask to redux the original Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework. Read more.

Flask and FastAPI together, at last!

This is the story of how the same framework, “Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework Lite,” was developed for both Flask and FastAPI at the same time with minimal code changes. Read more.

Flask, FastAPI, and Django — the Three Webs

Originally I crafted a lite version of the world-famous “Dynamic Pluggable Microservices Framework” that originally worked with Django 3.x work with Flask and FastAPI. I learned from that effort that FastAPI was faster, but I wanted to make my code work with Django, just for kicks. (See also: Dynamic Pluggable Microservices Framework, Super Easy Microservices, Dynamic Pluggable Microservice Framework Lite, and Flask and FastAPI together, at last!) Read more.



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