HRH Princess Elizabeth, 1944

Windsor Castle, Berkshire, United Kingdom

April 21st 2016 marks Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday, in the 64th year of her reign.

Here’s a fun piece to celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday. I liked the more candid and less formal shot (though despite the official caption, she’s not reading a book).

Original Photograph: Lisa Sheridan
Digital Color Reconstruction: Dynamichrome

The dress was an absolute pain to do based on a Waverly imperial floral reference. Interestingly, looking very closely at the photograph there is evidence of scratching around the outline of the image, a precursor to the body manipulation tricks utilised in retouching work today.

Original Photograph: Lisa Sheridan

Original Photograph | Lisa Sheridan
Color Reconstruction | Jordan Lloyd
Words | Jordan Lloyd

Original Caption
“Princess Elizabeth (Queen Elizabeth II) pictured seated at a desk reading a book at Windsor Castle, Berkshire, Great Britain, 30 May 1944.”
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