Steve Jobs, 1984

Apple HQ, Cupertino, USA

Seeff himself gives us an insight into the shoot:

“I began the session by shooting the Mac team at the Apple offices and I could see Steve lurking in the background. It was clear that he was checking out how things were going. We were having tremendous fun and I was getting a lot of spontaneous and joyful shots… My desire with Steve was to engage in a genuine conversation about the world in which he lived and where he was most comfortable, and of course that came down to ideas about the future and where technology could go. These kinds of conversations are not at all heady and definitely require a balance of just having fun and hanging out together. That’s exactly what I was doing with Steve and as the session progressed, he became more and more informal.”

Photograph: Norman Seeff
Digital Colour Reconstruction: Dynamichrome

In rare cases, we sometimes look at photographs taken after the 1950s when colour photography was widely available. On this occasion, Seeff’s photograph was intended as a fun image to book end a talk given at Apple’s Covent Garden store in London on the subject of Digital Color Reconstruction.

Original Photograph | Norman Seeff
Format | Black & White Photograph
Source | Retronaut
Color Reconstruction | Jordan Lloyd
Words | Jordan Lloyd, Norman Seeff



The craft of adding color to black and white photographs has been around as long as the medium of photography. Digital Color Reconstruction is its latest incarnation, combining historical investigation and technology to create an authentic representation of an existing record.

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