The Hoover Dam Under Construction, 1935

Clark County, Nevada / Mohave County, Arizona, United States

Officials ride in one of the penstock pipes of the soon-to-be-completed Hoover Dam, Arizona.

Conveying the officials in the photograph is a section of 30-foot diameter steel penstock pipe nearly three inches thick. Arizona’s geology in the background remains the same as it did back in 1935.

Original Photograph: Bureau of Reclamation
Digital Color Reconstruction: Dynamichrome

Here is the first of ten global landmarks under construction for our upcoming book The Paper Time Machine co-authoured by Wolfgang Wild of Retronaut and Dynamichrome’s Jordan Lloyd, in collaboration with Getty and Unbound.

More on the book:

The Paper Time Machine is a book that will change the way you think about the past.
The book will contain 130 historical photographs arranged chronologically, chosen and introduced by Wolfgang Wild, the creator and curator of the remarkable Retronaut website. That would be reason enough for a book — the site has become global phenomenon once it was launched in 2010, providing a stream of astonishing, sharable images that tear a hole in your map of time.
But The Paper Time Machine goes further. Each time-bending image chosen by Wolfgang have in turn been painstakingly restored and rendered in colour by Jordan Lloyd of Dynamichrome, a company that has taken the craft of colour reconstruction to a new level.
Each element in the monochrome images has been researched and colour checked for historical authenticity. As the layers of colour build up, the effect is disorientatingly real and the decades and centuries just fall away. It is as though we are standing at the original photographer’s elbow.
This is a unique book — a collection of historical ‘remixes’ that exist alongside the original photographs but draw out qualities, textures and details that have hitherto remained hidden. Each image will be accompanied by captions from Wolfgang on why the image matters and Jordan on how it was restored.
Brought to you by the team who published the international bestselling phenomenon, Letters of Note, The Paper Time Machine will be an exquisite 300 page object. Bound and printed on the best quality art paper, with two 8-page gatefolds, we are confident it will be the most important photographic book of the year.

You can make a pledge for the Collectors Edition, by following this link.

Original Photograph | Bureau of Reclamation
Color Reconstruction | Jordan Lloyd
Words | Wolfgang Wild, Jordan Lloyd

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