Community Marketplace Beta Released!

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A few drawbacks of up to this point are a) not much social integration and b) data updates are slow to reflect changes. This becomes especially troublesome in season as a player’s value can increase or decrease after a single game.

Introducing a shitty patch for that, the Community Marketplace!

The Community Marketplace is where signed up users can vote how they feel about a player’s value at the current time. A rough idea of how it works:

  • You see Chris Ivory is being drafted at ~135. You think this is too high, and so at this price you are selling him expecting him to go down in value. You can click “Sell” and your vote will go into the community rating, which everyone can see and participate in.
  • After 7 days your vote expires and resets, which means the community rating at any given time will reflect only recent votes.
  • It turns out the Jags intend to use Ivory as a 3 down back and he is seeing 25+ touches a game. Suddenly at 135 you would buy him, thinking he is worth more than that. You can easily change your vote by clicking “Buy”, and your vote will update.
  • You can see the total number of votes for a player to see how relevant a rating is. +10 with 12 votes is significant — +10 with 100 votes is a lot closer.

And thats the general idea. Just keep in mind you have to be signed up and in to use the voting, however the actual ratings are visible by all users. I plan on providing some interesting insights over at weekly, but in the meantime you can start using it and seeing what other people are saying.

Some other features in the pipeline coming soon:

  • A draft day tool for start ups and rookie drafts
  • Player alerts for community marketplace guys who are buying or selling
  • Written content giving advanced insights, opinions and tips for using to maximize your teams
  • And more

Enjoy guys, and as always I appreciate your feedback.