Spinnerz and Improvements

A couple seemingly small but important updates.

  • I added a few spinners because, especially when the app starts chugging, it’s difficult to tell if it’s responding or just hanged up.
  • I tried a few things to improve general speed and performance. Here’s the thing — it could help, or it could make it worse. I’d love some feedback about what — if anything — people are experiencing. I’ve pushed back some feature updates to try and improve performance since I’ve learned its been running slow and has been almost unusable on some iOS devices. If you are having trouble at all, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I am more than willing to make sure this works on as many devices as possible, but I can’t test on everything out there and can’t tell whats going on unless you tell me.
  • Speaking of new features, I am looking to push a pretty fun new feature as soon as this weekend. I’ll keep you updated, but I’m pretty excited about it.